Friday, November 17, 2017

BornKid Handheld Retro Gaming Collection!

Bad aunt confession: I actually wanted to review this for my nephew's Christmas gift this year!'s going to have to stay with me. I know, I know. I'm awful. Honestly, I've enjoyed this system so much that I'll probably be buying a few for gifts this holiday season!

When I ordered this, I expected some horrible, generic, knock-off games, and cheap plastic casing. It arrived pretty quickly, and I liked how it was packaged in a minimalistic way. It's much easier on the environment. The cardboard is very thin and the packing is super small. I'm sure this way is cheaper for the company, but don't let the "cheap" packaging fool you!

The system itself is very comfortable in adult hands. I'm sure it would be very easy for older kids to hold, too. I plan to see how my 13 month old holds it, since he's a professional at holding PlayStation controllers! This is much smaller than that.

The controls are very easy to understand. There are basic things - power, sound, select, etc. I really like that the sound can be turned down/off for when you're in public and don't want to annoy those around you.

The game list is pretty awesome, I have to say! I was VERY excited to see games like Dig Dug, Galactica, and Super Mario Bros.! The list is very extensive and includes "brand name", recognizable games and games that are obviously generic, "inspired by" games.

The only issue I have with this product is that the buttons are a little stiff. This may improve with more play time, however, I noticed that it did interfere with my ability to play (example...I wasn't able to turn as quickly in Dig Dug).

I'm going to keep playing it to try to loosen it up. Overall, though, it was a nice reminder of my childhood days playing some of the games. It would be a great gift for children and adults alike - or even a nice stocking stuffer!

Holster Review!

Shhh! It's a secret!

My mother in law is a tiny lady, and found that one of her concealed carry holsters rubbed her hip the wrong way. It was too long and set too low. When I saw this holster, the first thing that I noticed was that it is more compact than some others that I've seen. I was excited to order it and check it out.

When it arrived, I first noticed that it is, in fact, a bit smaller. It's made for handguns that are on the petite side. However, its size did kind of worry me. Although it's nice to have a holster that isn't super bulky, you also want it to securely hold your weapon in place. Looking at this one, I wasn't sure if I'd trust it. 

Upon further inspection, I realized that this holster features heavy elastic bands that wrap up and behind the gun, securing it in place. This elastic band is stitched in place extremely well. Pair the elastic with the zipper that allows for a variety of gun shapes, and the weapon is secure. 

Some holsters are complicated to put on. This one utilizes a fanny pack like design. It features a simple plastic clip and an adjustable waistband. It fits up to 54" from 26"! 

I'd highly suggest this holster if you're looking for something simple, sleek, comfortable, and affordable.  You can get yours here:

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Le Gusto Kitchen Shears Review!

My husband is really into watching cooking videos and then trying to make it himself. If I can review anything for the kitchen, I will, just in case he can use it. Something that you don't really think about until you NEED them are kitchen shears! They're great for cutting herbs, meat, and for opening packages.

The blades of these shears are very sharp and they cut wonderfully. I know it's not suggested, but I even tested these out on paper to get a feel for them in comparison to my GOOD art scissors. They definitely compare. I'm tempted to make them fabric scissors! One edge of the blades is serrated. This provides a great grip for slippery items like poultry or fish.

I was surprised to find that these shears had more to offer, though! There are so many purposes these serve that it's become a VERY handy tool to have in the kitchen.

On one side of the blade, there's a dip. This is a bottle opener. It's always really annoying to have a bottle that isn't twistable. Don't damage your countertops by hitting the lid off!

There's also a place inside the handle for gripping twist-off caps that won't budge. Although it only works for smaller lids, it's still convenient to have. This place also serves another purpose: cracker! This cracker works for both nuts and shellfish/crab. You actually get a better grip on this than a regular nut cracker since the scissors wrap around your fingers!

These shears are lightweight and easy to hold. I really like that they come with a sheath to put them into and a bag to cover them. This keeps them from damaging other items in the drawer or from cutting you as you reach in.

I'd highly suggest these, just for the fact that you can get rid of a few kitchen tools by having this ONE. Declutter that drawer! Get yours here:

I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Homfu Kids Play Tent with Tunnel Review!

Any time I can review something for someone else, I'm all about it. I love surprising people with gifts! As Christmas is coming up, I wanted to review things for my 13 month old son. When we visited my family a few months back, Max LOVED a mesh tunnel that my mom had. He had a BLAST with it! I've been casually on the lookout for something similar since. In the past, I've also reviewed a ball pit. Max really liked picking up (and biting) the balls. They really helped with fine motor skills and gave us the opportunity to practice colors. Unfortunately, that ball pit was inflatable and....cats. I was really excited to see that this play tent features multiple ways to play!

On top of that, the design is OUT OF THIS WORLD - literally! The material features space imagery. I think it's super cute and it would fit in perfectly with a space-themed bedroom or birthday party. Looking at the material, stitching, mesh, and frame, this play tent is very durable. The stitching is strong and it withstands being twisted and folded with ease.

Unfortunately, that brings up the ONLY part I dislike about this thing. It. Is. Impossible. To. Fold. I've watched a couple of videos, I tried in vain to follow the pictures on the tag. Eventually, we were able to do the best we could and shove it back into its carrying bag (super handy, by the way) and zip it up. It collapses down to a round shape that is slightly larger than a steering wheel.

Overall, this is a great toy for your little one, despite the frustration of putting it back into the packaging. It's something that will get a lot of use in our household (especially if we can figure out the folding!).

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Magnetic Lashes Review!

If you follow any beauty pages on Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure you've seen magnetic lashes. They seem to be the answer to glue on EVERYTHING, not being able to put them on straight, and taking FOREVER to get it done. I personally can't wear many typesecause of my glasses, but after looking at the Amazon listing, I thought that these might be short enough for me to wear.

They WERE short enough, however, that's where the convenience ends. After about three tries, I was able to get them lined up and placed correctly. They were pretty easy to put on, and the magnets are actually pretty strong. I could blink and look around without them sliding down. However...they are pretty short width-wise and this is their main problem.

They come in a pretty nice container, however, the plastic that they're stuck to when you get them doesn't have anything metal under it, meaning that they don't stick to the display. Once you pull the lashes off of the adhesive, they'll just be loose in the container when you store them. They look ridiculous on me, however, they may look better on someone with eyelids that aren't so wide. The difference between my natural lashes (about 1/2 of my eyelid) and the magnetic lashes (the outer 1/2 of my eyelid) was extremely obvious. There is no shape to these lashes - they're cut bluntly in a rectangle.

I can't recommend these lashes, as I don't feel that they looked good on me. They weren't difficult to work with and maybe I could get them to work if I bought two sets or trimmed these with some small sewing scissors. I will continue to experiment with them and update as needed.

Talever Women's V-Neck A Line Cocktail Dress Review!

The holidays are fast approaching, and I've been on the lookout for something that I can wear the events that are coming up (visits with Santa, pictures, family get-togethers, etc). Nothing says "holiday" like RED. Not just red, but RED RED. That was what first drew me to this dress in particular.

I was hesitant about a couple of things. First: the bell sleeves. I know that they're trending lately (especially in the South), but I've never worn them, and I felt that they'd look dumb on me. Second: I had a sneaking suspicion that the dress was made according to Chinese sizing standards, so I didn't know what to order. I was also worried that the material would be cheap and thin.

When this dress arrived, I couldn't have been happier after trying it on. Just picking it up out of the box, I could feel that it had a heft to it. Upon opening it, the first thing that I noticed was how THICK the material is! This is FANTASTIC considering that it's getting colder and that I was worried that the material would be cheap. I also tested the stitching and found that the seams are extremely sturdy and didn't even pop.

I ordered a 2x due to my chest size but was worried that either the dress would be TOO big or that it'd STILL be too small. Luckily, the 2x fit perfectly in the chest, and was loose over the rest of my body. Although this material is thick, it still has stretch to it, so I'm sure that someone bigger than me could wear it, too. Unfortunately, the 2x is the biggest size that is offered. I'm typically a L/XL in juniors clothing and a M/L in women's.

The bell sleeves actually look adorable, and I liked how they felt! This was a bit of a surprise to me as I've never worn this style before.

Overall, I really love this dress. It became one of my favorites after wearing it one time. It'll be perfect for holiday shenanigans!

You can order your dress here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Sketches of a Small Town: Circa 1940" Book Review!

I LOVE learning. Something about cramming information into my head that hasn't existed there before is exciting to me. I love when it betters my life, or expands my mind. Books have a tendency to take you to another place and another time that you may not have experienced otherwise. Needless to say, my favorite aspect is "another time". Things change as the years pass and it's fascinating to see the differences in different eras. Social patterns, styles, problems, etc. are all aspects that can define an era. Additionally, things happen in each of these eras that define them.

When offered the opportunity to review a paperback copy of "Sketches of a Small Tow: Circa 1940" I was excited! This era is the one that many of our grandparents lived in! Obtaining that insight is just fascinating. By thinking about what I've read, I can see how this generation is the way it is.  Sometimes, viewpoints and attitudes are a result of the raising. After all, how can you adapt to something easily when it goes against the grain of what you DO know?

"Sketches..." is a beautiful insight into one place and one point in time. Although it may mean nothing to the world, it is the entire world to Clifton K. Meador, MD (the author). This book is a great demonstration that each individual person has a collection of opinions, experiences, memories, and reactions that makes them part of the colorful tapestry that is human civilization. My favorite parts examined segregation. It is so easy to forget that people used to live differently with different viewpoints in our freer world of today! The struggles of the past have shaped our presence. 

The book was very easy to read and understand. The detail and personal voice the author put into the text make it an entertaining and interesting read. If you're looking to be transported to a different place and time and feel like you're listening to a story...pick up "Sketches of a Small Town: Circa 1940" today! You'll be so extremely happy that you did!