Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Sketches of a Small Town: Circa 1940" Book Review!

I LOVE learning. Something about cramming information into my head that hasn't existed there before is exciting to me. I love when it betters my life, or expands my mind. Books have a tendency to take you to another place and another time that you may not have experienced otherwise. Needless to say, my favorite aspect is "another time". Things change as the years pass and it's fascinating to see the differences in different eras. Social patterns, styles, problems, etc. are all aspects that can define an era. Additionally, things happen in each of these eras that define them.

When offered the opportunity to review a paperback copy of "Sketches of a Small Tow: Circa 1940" I was excited! This era is the one that many of our grandparents lived in! Obtaining that insight is just fascinating. By thinking about what I've read, I can see how this generation is the way it is.  Sometimes, viewpoints and attitudes are a result of the raising. After all, how can you adapt to something easily when it goes against the grain of what you DO know?

"Sketches..." is a beautiful insight into one place and one point in time. Although it may mean nothing to the world, it is the entire world to Clifton K. Meador, MD (the author). This book is a great demonstration that each individual person has a collection of opinions, experiences, memories, and reactions that makes them part of the colorful tapestry that is human civilization. My favorite parts examined segregation. It is so easy to forget that people used to live differently with different viewpoints in our freer world of today! The struggles of the past have shaped our presence. 

The book was very easy to read and understand. The detail and personal voice the author put into the text make it an entertaining and interesting read. If you're looking to be transported to a different place and time and feel like you're listening to a story...pick up "Sketches of a Small Town: Circa 1940" today! You'll be so extremely happy that you did! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

FlavFusion Water Bottle Review!

I am VERY conscious of my fluid intake. For too long I spent my days miserable, exhausted, and sick because I was so dehydrated. When I finally figured out that one can of Coke a day wasn't cutting it (after a visit to the doctor), I drank more. But what mattered most was WHAT I drank. I started this year with a resolution of cutting out soda completely. I think I made it to the first week of March...and I failed. Now, I'm very thoughtful when it comes to balancing soda with water. Obviously I TRY to go for less soda...but a few days a week I'm out of control and awful.

You guys know I love useful products! Those that I can use daily...or improve my life in some way are the best! I can honestly say that THIS product is one that I use all day long and always know where it's at. It's the FlavFusion fruit infusion water bottle!

Shown without basket! 
If you've seen these, you know what they're about. At first, I was hesitant. I didn't know if this would work. After all...how can ANYTHING make water taste better? But I'm not even kidding when I say that this bottle has made water drinking a joy! I started out with strong-flavored fruits (strawberries, lemons) and gradually, I worked myself into fruits with less flavor (peaches, raspberries). Now, I'm at the point where I can drink water...plain...with no fruit! The fruit is a definite plus but when there's no good, fresh fruit available, or we haven't made it to the store...it's good to be able to drink water plain! Thanks to the FlavFuision bottle, I can do that! The transition took just a few weeks! I went from not drinking water and gagging at the taste of it (yes...it does have a taste!) to sucking it down because I can't get enough!

As for the bottle...I really like it! It's really tall...so it holds a lot of water. I can easily put a lot of ice in there and have plenty of room! The basket is where you put the fruit after you've cut it up. The basket snaps securely onto the lid. Some bottles like this lack a secure basket and it easily unscrews. Not this one! The attachment is TIGHT! The lid of this bottle is different from others as well. Where some have a spout for pouring out water or just an open mouth, this one has a sippy-type straw that folds up and down into a hoop that can be easily attached to a belt loop, backpack, or bike! When turned upside down, the bottle DOES leak a little....but it's certainly not the pouring that you would have with other bottles (plus nowhere do they guarantee that it's spillproof!).

If you're looking for a fantastic way to get healthy and hydrated, the FlavFusion bottle has all that you need! Give it a shot!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tools4Wisdom Planner Review!

I am NOT an organized person! I often forget that I have homework due, what exactly it is that is due, when I have events going on at work...my doctor's appointments, etc. On top of that, there are things that I REALLY want to remember (like birthdays!) that are impossible for me to hold on to for more than a few moments!

When I was offered the opportunity to review Tools4Wisdom's Planner, I was VERY excited! I love testing products that can make a direct impact on my life! Especially when they make it BETTER!

I received a Zentangle-ish cover with a lot of different colors! The designs are very whimsical! The planner is spiral-bound, and the coil is made of solid (not hollow), durable plastic. The cover of the planner is laminated and glossy...so there's no fear of tearing it! The cover pieces are thick, as well.

The very beginning of the planner features places for monthly and year goals. As you flip through the planner, it is divided up by month. The first section of each divider is a calendar overview. As you flip further, you see that the planner is broken into individual days (it tells the day of the week AND the date) and further into specific times. At the bottom of each day, the planner has spaces to prioritize your goals. There are places to log weekly goals and focus on why they are important. In the back is a section to write notes and ideas as well as journal entries.

This is the most comprehensive and well-build planner that I've ever used! It's great quality and it covers SO many bases that it's impossible to NOT be organized with it! If you're looking to get organized and what to do it in a stylish and practical way, look no further than Tools4Wisdom's planner, available on Amazon!

2 True Sol Extreme Testrone Review!

I'm always looking for products that I know will help those around me, if I can't use them. This allows me to expose a product to a wider audience and offer something in exchange for an opinion! When I was asked to review 2 True Sol Extreme Testrone, I knew someone who could use it (through his expressing interest in a testosterone supplement). Often, testosterone is used to build muscle, increase energy, decrease recovery time for muscle recovery after a work out, and increase hair growth (often facial). Basically, it's more of what makes guys "guys" in a tablet form.

For the sake of keeping this person's name out of the public, I will say that he was extremely pleased with the results. He felt more energized and "up to" the task of working out at the gym. He also noticed that muscle was forming more quickly than it had in the past. However, it DID take about three weeks to notice the changes. I asked how the tablets were and he was happy to report that they were easy to swallow, didn't get caught in his throat, didn't have a bad aftertaste, and were sealed securely in a bottle with a mouth big enough to easily retrieve the pills.

His review has made others we mutually know curious about trying this supplement! Seeing it work in person is really amazing! If you're looking for a way to build muscle faster, have more energy, and recover from workouts more quickly, I'd (and more importantly, he'd) highly suggest this supplement! I received this supplement in exchange for my honest (in this case...friend's honest) opinion.

Blue Skies' Super Bright, Long-Lasting LED Bike Lights Review!

I love reviewing interesting and creative things! The art teacher AND child in me gets excited when something has a practical use AND looks awesome! When I was selected to review Blue Skies' LED Bike Lights, I was pumped! Off the top of my head...I could already think of many uses for these! I really looked forward to getting them because I wanted to see how they'd hold up!

Basically, the lights look like long, skinny crystals. I honestly expected them to be cheap little plastic, Dollar Tree items with metallic plastic as the base. When I opened these, I was really happy to see that they were actually VERY durable! Being on wheels, I would think it would be easy for them to fall off, get crushed, or strip the screw ridges. The base is a heavy metal, the plastic is nearly glass-like quality (clear, durable, heavy), and the lights screw on easily. I put these on both a bike AND my car tires (on the air spout) (I'm not sure if that's technically "safe" for my tires OR the product....but...). I was surprised to find that they held on at high speeds, lit up bright, and didn't look any worse for wear after testing!

These would easily work on a stroller, a car (depending on the tires), a bike, tricycle, or really any toy with a wheel! Kids would LOVE this! They're so awesome and futuristic-looking! Use them for nighttime safety or to liven up any play room! Both kids and adults are sure to love the added fun of these LED lights!

Overall, I'm most impressed with the durability of these lights! They're not flimsy and the lights don't die out quickly! I'd highly suggest them to make any ride more fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Easy@Home LH and Pregnancy Test Kit Review!

I'm far from a health nut, but I do find the human body interesting! The fact that there's so much more going on than many of us know, or even imagine about is astounding! For someone my age who is considering kids in the future, it's especially important to know the ins-and-outs of what's going on. When offered the opportunity to review Easy@Home's Ovulation/Pregnancy kit, I was excited! There are a lot of symptoms that go with the female cycle that often lead to thinking that there's a bigger problem. For example: back pain leads me to think that I've got a kidney infection or that I've pulled a muscle. 

Through tracking my cycle with Easy@Home's kit, I know what to expect at certain times of the month and I can more easily pinpoint when I'm going to start my period. This has always been tricky for me because it's so sporadic. The kit is VERY easy to use and accurate! Basically, the test is composed of sticks that you dip into urine, depending on what you're testing for. I've been using the LH (Ovulation) sticks to track the ins and outs of my cycle. I dip the stick, give it a minute, and read the result. The lines are very easy to see and the results arrive quickly and clearly. 

This kit is also extremely cost-efficient. For such a low price, you get 40 LH and 10 pregnancy strips. I've seen some pregnancy test kits go for $20 alone and that just includes 2-3 tests! If you're trying to have children, actively, this kit costs about the same and offers insurance that you're trying at the right time. By monitoring what your body is doing, you're a step ahead of blindly trying! 

If you're looking for a cost effective, accurate, and easy way to figure out your body, Easy@Home's kit is the absolute best way! 

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmec6ecdc8e04d45830fd347dd0622d829

Friday, July 10, 2015

Compressions Goggles Makes Summer AWESOME!

Summer brings about a LOT of season-specific activities! With new activities comes the need for special equipment. When I was offered the opportunity to review Compressions Swim Goggles, I was excited!

Typically, goggles have a bad rep with me. They don't stay snug, they hurt my head, the band pulls my hair, and they fill with water. Needless to say, I was hesitant about trying these out. When they arrived, I immediately put them on to see how they sealed. Holy cow!! The suction to my face was SO tight that I had NO holdbacks about testing them in the pool. The real test, however, would be JUMPING into the pool and seeing if they would pop off!

When I jumped in, they held up! The best part was that they didn't fog! They stayed clear and my vision was unobscured by water, fog, condensation, or pieces of plastic. They work like a DREAM! I was able to keep them on for about an hour before I needed a break!

Overall, I'd highly suggest these goggles for teens at play and curious adults (underwater in the lake is amazing!). They are fantastic, durable quality and I'm looking forward to years with these goggles!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ankit Products' Contact Lens Case Review!

I'm always on the lookout for awesome, quality products for myself AND others. If I can make SURE that something is awesome, that makes me feel better about buying more individual products to give as gifts. When I saw that Ankit Products was offering a contact lens case in exchange for my honest opinion, I was super excited! I know MANY people who wear contacts and use this type of product daily. That being said, I prefer my glasses, but I decided to check out the quality of the case and then pass it on to someone who could help me out on the technical front!

I opened the case as soon as it arrived and was happy to see that it didn't look like a cheap version of the photo online! I hate when that happens. When something is plastic, it seems to happen more often than not because plastic is so cheaply made. I popped the case open (which closes securely) and looked at the seal. By testing with water, it works well! :) The wells are deep enough to both put contacts in AND get them out easily.

The exterior of the case is adorable! It features two silver flowers (my case is white and silver) that are securely fastened on. The case is durable and heavy-weight plastic. Overall, I was very impressed! If you're looking for an adorable way to hold your contacts or small items or are looking for a great gift, look no further!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner Review!

As always, my husband and I are cleaning up after animals and trying to make our home as spotless as possible. We've used numerous types of cleaners with various levels of success. Needless to say, our environmental impact is high in that we are constantly throwing away plastic bottles that have held cleaners.

Over time, it gets expensive to have so many cleaners! Not knowing if something will work on our tough pet stains/odors is also tricky. However, I found a solution recently when I was asked to review Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner 6-Pack in exchange for my honest opinion.

The cleaning nerd in me was super excited! I like watching messes disappear. When the cleaner arrived, I was expecting a bottle of cleaner similar to what I had been purchasing. However, what I received was a package the size of a deck of cards. Inside of this blister pack was six tubes of orange liquid. The tubes feel like a waterbed! I dropped one into a refillable bottle (though you could probably reuse another cleaner's bottle if you clean/soak it really good and added water. I knew that we had some tough cleaning situations, so I didn't fill my bottle all the way with water (higher concentration).

The first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell! It really is orange-y. I decided to use it on a drink spill on hardwood that had already began drying/collecting dirt and hair. That is usually very difficult to get up (because although we clean the drink spill, it often runs under the recliner). I sprayed it on, let it sit for just a minute, and was really excited when it came up easily with just a rag!

I also tried it on various pet messes. I will save the details of what they were and how they smelled, but I will say that the spot was left clean and sparkling with no bad odor left behind!

I'm really excited to find this cleaner! It's efficient, it smells wonderful, and it's SUPER easy to make! I'd highly suggest it if you're looking for an alternative to mediocre cleaners or as a way to help out the environment!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Organic Pest Repellent for Country Living!

Recently, my husband and I have moved out to the middle of nowhere. I've been collecting review products to help us make our new home more comfortable, but I didn't want to just focus on the inside. Additionally, I knew that I couldn't disrupt or harm nature outside! When we did a walk-around the house, and I saw a mouse scurry away, I knew that it was the right time to use my Organic Pest Repellent by EcoDefense! I offered to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion! The next day, we made a circle around the house to discuss paint colors, rebuilding, etc...and the mouse scurried from the SAME SPOT! NOPE! I'm not going to have that! I immediately took the spray, saturated the ground on that side of the house, and left it over night. Out of curiosity, the next day I circled the house again and was delighted to see no mouse! Knowing that rodents are creatures of habit...and intelligent, I can only conclude that the spray really does work! I've been back out the past several days and reapplied the spray due to a very heavy rain. There's no harsh chemicals or odors and there's also no little mouse! :)

If you're looking for a way to naturally deter pests, you need EcoDefense's spray!

Friday, June 26, 2015

"Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Topper Review!

Hello, hello, everyone!!

Today I have a really cute product to review for you! I was recently selected to review the "Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Toppers!

These guys are very convenient for when you've started a bottle but don't have a way to keep it without finishing it! Putting the cork back in can be a pain (who wants pieces in there?!) and having to lay the bottle on it's side or even upside down can be a risk.

These Wine Toppers are fantastic! They're durable, thick, and flexible but they hold in the liquid without leaking a drop!

Let's not forget how adorable these are! The end of each topper has a pun-y saying! This adds a little character to your bottle along with security of knowing that your bottle won't spill!

I also noticed how fresh these toppers kept our wine tasting! It didn't have that horrible exposed-taste that wine gets after sitting out!

If you're looking for a clever, secure way to keep your wine in the bottle and fresh, look no further than "Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Toppers on Amazon!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Penguin Pillow Cool Mat Review!

I am SO excited to share this review because it's for something that I LOVE using daily, something that has improved my life, and something that's just really cool!! The thing that I'm talking about is the Penguin Pillow Cool Mat! I was selected to review this product in exchange for my honest opinion and I'm so excited!! I love finding products that I can get behind without hesitation. It's a big deal!

I LOVE that feeling of having a cold pillow. I think everyone does! It's awesome to lay down on it or even hug it when you get too warm at night. Unfortunately, that feeling doesn't last long and unless you've got a cooler or something handy, it's hard to get back. That's where the Penguin Pillow Cool Mat is a game-changer! This mat is full of cooling gel. When I say "cooling" I mean more like "freezing"! It's awesome! The cool lasts forever and all it takes to re-cool it is to set it aside for a minute, move the gel around, and put it back into position! This thing is SERIOUSLY awesome! It feels fantastic and it's helped me to fall asleep SO many times. Whenever I've got a headache, I'll lay on it and it eases the pain. Any time I'm feeling nauseous it helps, too!

The Penguin Pillow Cool Mat slips easily into a pillow case, since it's only about 1/4" thick. It's got a fabric cover so it's easy to clean. The stitching around the edges is durable and neat.

If you're looking for an awesome,l unique gift idea - this is it! Everyone loves a cool pillow and everyone will use it! I'm actually wanting to buy a couple because Gage loves this thing too! Find yours here!

Glucosamine Joint Supplement Review!

When looking for supplements for pets, it can be a daunting task. Between not knowing what to get, where it's made. and what it'll do for your pet, there's a lot to consider! When offered the opportunity to review K9 Joint Relief Glucosamine Joint Supplement by K9z Rule, I was excited! I have an older dog, and others who are large breed. These two types of dogs are the ideal candidate for this supplement! I wasn't sure who I would allow to test the supplement but when the bottle arrived in the mail, I didn't have to choose! This bottle is GIGANTIC! Seriously! It's hefty! On the back of the label is exact dosage instructions in large print. Because it's measured out by tea/table spoons, it's easy to get the amount that you need. I let all of my dogs try it! Nobody freaked out or struggled with the flavor, so I'm assuming they liked it. I can't ask them, obviously, so I can't state that with certainty in my review. I will say that they didn't pout afterwards! :)

This supplement has many uses: it helps to increase mobility, flexibility, and helps to rebuild cartilage.

If you're looking for a way to help your older or larger dog, I'd highly suggest K9z Rule's Glucosamine Joint Supplement! You can find your bottle here!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Pup: A Novel of Accidental Heroism" Review!

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review "Pup: A Novel of Accidental Heroism". I was excited because the combination of title and cover art intrigued me. I also had the feeling that it was war-based, and I'm a big fan of reading all of the different sides of a conflict...even if some aren't exactly true. 

Luckily, "Pup" played into my thirst for this kind of literature and in a great way!! The story is about John Z. Pupulowinazowski (Pup) and his experiences with being drafted into the second Korean war. I don't want to expose too much, but this book is SO CHARMING in how it's told. If you're a fan of the movie "Big Fish", you're going to love this! It's charming, funny, whimsy, and endearing. The story is told as if Pup is telling his family about his experiences. 

I really like that the personality of the characters, setting, and even the complexity of the experiences all shine through! 

If you're looking for an excellent read that won't leave you bored and will break up the mundaneness of reading unknown-after-unknown book, I HIGHLY suggest "Pup: A Novel of Accidental Heroism"! 

AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight Review!

I LOVE exploring, but sometimes I'm not always totally prepared. In fact, you could say that I've often been negative prepared in the fact that I don't usually plan for the worst. I DO keep a weapon on me in these situations, but I don't prepare for survival. With today's review, I'm one step closer to being more prepared! On top of that...I'm extremely terrified of the dark and it's storm season in Arkansas! This gadget is the AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight! 

This tool is REALLY cool and I was SO excited to review it in exchange for my honest opinion. I LOVE reviews were I can REALLY enhance my life! 

The AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight has a lot of really cool features! It's military grade, so the materials are durable. Don't worry about dropping it! Despite being so durable and such high quality, it is lightweight and doesn't take up much room. It's not bulky at all! This flashlight has a total of 29 LED lights that are powered by...3 AAA batteries! This is seriously awesome because it's such a high-powered light operated by so few and such common batteries! 

The base of the flashlight is magnetic, so it can stick to any metal surface! This makes it easy to keep track of AND allows for the emergency setting to be used and stuck to the car so that you can stay safely inside! Overall, the lights last for 100,000 hours! WOW!! If you're interested in your AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight, you can find it on Amazon! 

A Bit of Tech: Universal Periscope Lens Review!

I LOVE new gadgets and toys...especially when those things happen to play into the field of technology. It's really fun when the product that I'm offered to review is something that I might not have considered purchasing before! In this instance, I'm having a lot of fun with the Simple Royal (seller on Amazon) Periscope lens!

This lens is ideal for getting shots of something lower, so you don't have to tilt your phone and have shadows in the picture. An example would be shots of food. However, you can also use the lens to take photos on either the left or right as your phone faces forward. It's pretty awesome! I use it to take photos of my husband since he's not keen on letting me take pictures of him otherwise!

The lens comes in a hard plastic case (it allows you to keep up with it when you're not using it because it's small!) with magnetic circles that surround the camera. The circles have a light glue on them that comes off very easily. Because you have four or five replacement circles, you can use the lens on your tablet, phone, whatever! The circle is very small and flat and unobtrusive.

Once on, the lens holds securely and doesn't move around unless you want it to. The lens takes clear photos that aren't the least bit distorted.

I'm a big fan of this toy! If you're interested, get your lens here!

BriaUSA Suit Hangers Review!

I have a TON of clothes. That's mostly because the way I dress at work isn't quite the same as the way I dress at home. Add to that the fact that I have a "dressier" wardrobe, and I'm in trouble. The biggest pain in the butt is the fact that some of my flow-ier tops and dresses won't stay on the hanger!! AGH! When they fall on the floor they're bound to get cat hair and dirt on them! Not to mention, then I think for some reason that they're dirty...and it adds to my laundry burden.

When I was selected to review BriaUSA's PINK velvet hanger set in exchange for my opinion, I was SO EXCITED! Not only would these unique hangers allow me to find what I'm looking for without having to search (because these hangers look different than my other ones), but the velvet offers more resistance to sliding!

When I got them, I opened them immediately and pulled them all apart (they want to stick at first). I had some laundry to put away, so I decided to put them to the test. I hung a silky blouse on the hanger, gave it a little swing, and it didn't slide off! It's great because the little notches help to hold clothes in place. With tops made of cotton, they're not going ANYWHERE unless you want them to! The pink velvet doesn't shed or collect lint very easily. The hangers are very durable, big enough to hold wide-neck tops, and they're adorable!

If you're looking for a great addition to your closet and even a little problem-solving, I'd highly suggest these hangers! You can find them on Amazon!

Intel-A-Temp Digital Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer Review!

If you think about it...there are many, many uses for getting water to a certain temperature around the house. Especially when you want to sterilize something! For me personally, I use specific-temperature water for sterilization of syringes, to get water to a certain temperature for mixing film photography chemicals, and to warm food for various animals at times. Add to that the idea that Gage and I will eventually have kids and will need to warm bottles and sterilize them. Outside of the Intel-A-Temp, I would be putting a lot of work into getting the water to the right temperature by warming water, using the thermometer to measure the temperature, adjusting either warmer or cooler, and so on. When I was selected to review the Intel-A-Temp Digital Bottle Warmer, I was super excited!

I pulled the warmer from the box. The cup was wrapped separately, snugly packed into the actual warmer. The plastic grate was already in place over the warmer's heating element. I put the water into the unit using the cup that was included and turned the warmer on. By pressing the power button, the digital display lit up, and I could adjust the temperature to one of the three preset temperatures. From there, (let's say 45 for example), I could adjust the temperature one degree at a time, either higher or lower, by using the plus and minus buttons on either side of the power button.

This warmer is durable, well-made, and idiot-proof! I love that it isn't flimsy, but it also doesn't take up space. I will use this warmer for SO many things and it will be a big help in every day tasks! Check out how it works in my video below!