Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner Review!

As always, my husband and I are cleaning up after animals and trying to make our home as spotless as possible. We've used numerous types of cleaners with various levels of success. Needless to say, our environmental impact is high in that we are constantly throwing away plastic bottles that have held cleaners.

Over time, it gets expensive to have so many cleaners! Not knowing if something will work on our tough pet stains/odors is also tricky. However, I found a solution recently when I was asked to review Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner 6-Pack in exchange for my honest opinion.

The cleaning nerd in me was super excited! I like watching messes disappear. When the cleaner arrived, I was expecting a bottle of cleaner similar to what I had been purchasing. However, what I received was a package the size of a deck of cards. Inside of this blister pack was six tubes of orange liquid. The tubes feel like a waterbed! I dropped one into a refillable bottle (though you could probably reuse another cleaner's bottle if you clean/soak it really good and added water. I knew that we had some tough cleaning situations, so I didn't fill my bottle all the way with water (higher concentration).

The first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell! It really is orange-y. I decided to use it on a drink spill on hardwood that had already began drying/collecting dirt and hair. That is usually very difficult to get up (because although we clean the drink spill, it often runs under the recliner). I sprayed it on, let it sit for just a minute, and was really excited when it came up easily with just a rag!

I also tried it on various pet messes. I will save the details of what they were and how they smelled, but I will say that the spot was left clean and sparkling with no bad odor left behind!

I'm really excited to find this cleaner! It's efficient, it smells wonderful, and it's SUPER easy to make! I'd highly suggest it if you're looking for an alternative to mediocre cleaners or as a way to help out the environment!

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