Friday, July 17, 2015

Blue Skies' Super Bright, Long-Lasting LED Bike Lights Review!

I love reviewing interesting and creative things! The art teacher AND child in me gets excited when something has a practical use AND looks awesome! When I was selected to review Blue Skies' LED Bike Lights, I was pumped! Off the top of my head...I could already think of many uses for these! I really looked forward to getting them because I wanted to see how they'd hold up!

Basically, the lights look like long, skinny crystals. I honestly expected them to be cheap little plastic, Dollar Tree items with metallic plastic as the base. When I opened these, I was really happy to see that they were actually VERY durable! Being on wheels, I would think it would be easy for them to fall off, get crushed, or strip the screw ridges. The base is a heavy metal, the plastic is nearly glass-like quality (clear, durable, heavy), and the lights screw on easily. I put these on both a bike AND my car tires (on the air spout) (I'm not sure if that's technically "safe" for my tires OR the product....but...). I was surprised to find that they held on at high speeds, lit up bright, and didn't look any worse for wear after testing!

These would easily work on a stroller, a car (depending on the tires), a bike, tricycle, or really any toy with a wheel! Kids would LOVE this! They're so awesome and futuristic-looking! Use them for nighttime safety or to liven up any play room! Both kids and adults are sure to love the added fun of these LED lights!

Overall, I'm most impressed with the durability of these lights! They're not flimsy and the lights don't die out quickly! I'd highly suggest them to make any ride more fun!

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