Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mr. Sandman - WHOA. WHAT Just Happened??

Recently, I accepted the offer to review an e-book. After downloading my free copy, I set to reading. Now normally, I'm very quick to read and review something (my other blog is called Krypto Dies). ESPECIALLY when it holds my interest.

Now, I'm really into comics of all kinds, so obviously I've been exposed to every plot line under the sun that deals with the sci-fi genre (I would say that Mr. Sandman fits most into this one) so I didn't know what to expect. Typically, I get bored and can say "called it" at the end and go on to write a review about a plot I've reviewed a hundred times. HOWEVER, Mr. Sandman was great in that it was unexpected (the twist and turn of events had me wondering what would happen next and how the story would resolve).

I really don't want to give away too much, but I do particularly love how, throughout the story, different points of view are used. One example that you will find right away is the story of the scientists dealing with a newborn baby (who is genetically altered, we come to find out) while also viewing the story of two employees who are working on a separate level (cleaning). What begins as a military experiment gone wrong turns into one Mr. Lance Cutter being presumed dead TWICE and going head-to-head with a serial killer who has unique...ways. Lance finds himself in a situation where his past is catching up with him.

And that's where I HAVE to stop. You guys have no idea how hard it was not to reveal the plot or key aspects of it.

I will say the following, however.


The characters are well developed. They are believable. They grow. They develop. You become attached to them. I LOVE that in a book.

The words connect well and flow into sentences that are easy to read and understand. Reading this book doesn't feel like a chore, but the content is intelligent.

It's easy to stay interested in the plot and the sequence of events. GEEZ. THIS part REALLY makes me want to say more...GAH! I'll just leave it by saying: there's never a dull moment.

I really enjoyed this read! If you're interested in a sci-fi mystery, definitely check it out!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Buying Technoskin's 3DS Case Isn't A HARD Decision (but it IS Hard Enough to Protect your System!)!

Recently, I was selected to review Technoskin's 3DS case! I was REALLY excited, because my husband carries his system around in his pocket. There's a couple of things wrong with that: 1. It's getting scratched up. Whether he's got it out on the counter or it's rubbing against keys, etc. in his pocket, I've noticed that the system is looking rough. 2. It's much easier for something small to fall out of his pocket unnoticed than something bulkier and heavier. His workplace is completely carpet. He would never hear it if it fell out! 3. He had no way to keep our games organized, or even in one place! If I worried about the 3DS falling out, imagine my worry over the games!

 I would have been fine with a very, very basic, box-with-a-zipper style case. However, what I got was so much cooler! :) I didn't expect the exterior to be as hard as it is! That makes me think that it would be a good barrier against falls or pressure. It's not going to stand up to being ran over, but it's pretty durable feeling!

The zipper is high quality. It didn't lock up or get snagged or resist being zipped up at all. Typically, zippers and I don't get along. In fact, all of my coats have buttons! Haha! This zipper operates smoothly and didn't give us any trouble at all. Inside, on the interior wall of each side of the case, you find two mesh pockets. We assume that one is to hold the DS in place and the other is to hold accessories like a stylus or charger. In the middle, there is a flap that has slots for eight games. AWESOME! A way to keep these secure and from rolling around! This keeps you from having to collect them in your hand and go through them to find what you want.

The flap and interior are lined in a soft grey color and the flap is pretty plush! Finally, as mentioned before, the price, at $19.99 is better than you will find most cases at national chain stores! Buy your case here. Overall, I think this case is of great quality and will serve us well! :) I (we) highly suggest it!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dead Sea Products...Alive in Mainstream!

A while back I was asked to review Adovia's 100% Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts. I'm not really much of a bath person...I don't really have time to slow down. I'm more of a 5 minute shower person, unless it's the weekend. Then, it's a 10 to 15 minute shower, tops. However, I'm always about trying new things, so I figured that I would give the Dead Sea Bath Salts a go! On top of that, I was intrigued by the "Dead Sea" trend that I had been noticing lately. Now, I'm a skeptic. I'm not just going to ingest or jump into a tub of unknown solution. I had to do my research first, and what I found was interesting.

The Dead Sea is located in Jordan and is known world-wide for it's healing properties. The main of these being the salt baths and mud masks. Both of the treatments are used to draw impurities out of the body and restore balance. There are speculations that the benefits go into the mythical realm, but for the purpose of my review, I will stick with science.

Statistically, the Dead Sea is single body of water with the highest sodium content. It possesses 27% while most sea water holds only 3%! What a difference! In normal sea water, sodium is the main contributor to the composition. In Dead Sea water, the composition lies mostly with magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. The salinity is so high that your buoyancy changes! You float!

There are SO many benefits to a Dead Sea Salt bath, but I'll just outline a few below!

Magnesium is important for stress levels. The bath itself is relaxing, but Magnesium helps in that it calms the nervous system. It has an added benefit of slowing skin aging! Potassium helps in that it gives you renewed energy and helps to balance the moisture of your skin (great for oily OR dry skin!). Calcium is absorbed into the body and fortifies nails and bones. And finally, Sodium strengthens the immune system. These baths help to replace what you naturally lose over the course of the day/week.

Results for Dead Sea baths include HIGH percentages of relief with arthritis. Dr. J. Arndt did a survey of adults suffering from the affliction and had great results. I'm talking 60-70-80%! Another study by Dr. J. Arndt shows that the baths helped significantly with psoriasis by reducing itching significantly! In both studies, there were NO noted side effects.

That being said, I say: everything in moderation. Being exposed to these minerals for short amounts of time is beneficial but you CAN get too much of a good thing. Though I'm sure the content of a bath isn't the same as the sea, it is recommended that you stay in the sea for no longer than 15 minutes. I did feel a little odd when I spent over an hour in the bath (I didn't research the time limit until AFTER the fact!) but I slept AMAZINGLY every time I've taken the Dead Sea salt bath! I've experimented with regular baths and they don't have the same effect.

My skin is the main problem I was hoping to get relief for. I literally dig and dig and DIG at my legs. They get cracked and dry and I'm just miserable! I have had SUCH AMAZING results with my dry skin that I will buy more salts when my free product review bag is gone!

Specifically, with this brand, a few things to note: I love the bag size! A bag this large will last a long time in 1 cup increments of use. It is easy to reseal (I used a small piece of tape) and easy to pour. The salt dissolved quickly in hot water and didn't leave a greasy/filmy feel in my tub or on my body. The communication between myself and Adovia was fantastic, so I am confident that if any questions or concerns arrive, they would get back with you as soon as possible and very quickly!

Please excuse the stock images! I will have my own uploaded when I am back near my bag tonight! I just had to let you guys know about my experience! :)

Pick Up the Scum You WANT to Pick Up!

Through my blog posts, I try to let a little of myself shine through. Whether it's jokes, perspective, or quick little facts about myself.'s a fact for you that deals directly with my title: I'm too nice to strangers. In fact, I'm amazed that I wasn't abducted multiple times as a child. I was that child that took candy from strangers...and that has transferred to me being adult and not knowing how to swat down advances from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, for me, even if a guy is scary looking, throwing the creeper vibe, and raising every red flag in me, I will STILL giggle awkwardly and carry on a conversation instead of shutting him down. I'm not sure why...I've always been this way. I can't tell anyone no! Thus, this product review is about picking up dirt that you want to pick up and not about accidentally picking up strangers that you desperately have to try to shake all evening!

Recently, I was sent a free promotional product: Day by Day Beauty's Facial Blotting Papers.

My initial thoughts was that these papers will last me a LONG time. Sheet-by-sheet comparison, you're getting 200 sheets for about $10. That's a fantastic deal when you compare them to other brands. 200 sheets is a LOT of blotting.

Next, I noticed the package. It is clean and easy to read/look at. It has a very simple design, which goes far. It is a very professional looking package.

When you open it up...SURPRISE! A cute little message! "Hello, Beautiful". How sweet! It's a pleasant touch. :)

Now...the moment of truth. I attempted to pull out a single sheet, but had difficulty. This is one of my few complaints about this product. An accordion-style dispenser would make it SO much easier to access the product. If I were in a hurry, I would be too frustrated to attempt to pull the sheets out with as much time as it took me to take ONE. If you decide to take multiple sheets in your hurry, you're wasting your product.

I think that the material is the reason for their sticking. They feel like the paper that you get with french fries in a basket. It's very hard to separate them. Now that I've made the connection, I'm almost 100% sure that it's the same paper. It makes sense...the purpose of that paper in food presentation is to absorb oil/keep it from leaking through the basket.

As far as oil absorption goes...I feel like I have to press too hard to my skin to get it to pick up. However, if I'm wearing foundation and powder, it doesn't bother me. If I'm going bare-skinned for the day, it would be a problem because I feel like I'm smashing the oil down into my pores more than I am having it absorbed by the paper (I'm very oily complected).

My conclusion: this product is fantastic if you don't plan to carry it with you. If you use blotting sheets once or twice a day in a no-rush setting, such as at your vanity, it's great. If you aren't very oily complected OR if you are and wear face makeups and powders, I highly suggest these papers. You won't find a better deal in quantity and price anywhere!

A Powerful Trio for Skincare! + Dermarolling Facts

I'm pretty sure it's mandatory for me to start freaking out about my skin now. If I could, I would go back to my 12-22 year old self, slap her, and tell her that she's committing MURDER on her skin by sleeping in makeup!! If I hadn't done that for TEN YEARS, I can imagine how glowing, beautiful, and youthful my skin would look. Unfortunately, I was STUPID. YES, STUPID. If you're reading this, and you SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP...STOP! Stop being STUPID!

Ok...rant over.

But's really bad for your skin and you shouldn't do it.

So where does one begin when wanting to undo the damage?

Through research, I've found a few solutions. One of them, dermarolling, sounds really crazy at first, but I SWEAR by it now that Petunia Skincare has provided me with a dermaroller to use for review purposes.

In my research, I found that there are several different options for someone looking to begin dermarolling. First, you have to consider your tool. The longer needles penetrate deeper and stimulate the skin on a deeper level. The shorter needles are for daily use (.25 length and below) and help your skincare products absorb better.

What does dermarolling do, though? The idea behind dermarolling is to damage your skin, but in a helpful way. The surgical needles on the head of the roller puncture the skin. This activates your body's need to heal, which sends healing collagen through all of the microchannels rather than scar-forming collagen (like you would expect for bigger wounds). New collagen and elastin forms. Why it works this way isn't 100% understood yet, but clinical studies show that firming fibers increase by at least 200% with regular use. These micro-punctures allow your product to go deeper under the skin, which allows them to be more effective in their results.'s important to remember that you are inflicting damage, on some level, to your skin. Obviously, this isn't an every day thing unless you have the proper sized needle. I wouldn't recommend it EVERY day, anyway, as it leaves you feeling a little sunburned.

There's a photo floating around the internet of Kim Kardashian with a bloody face after dermarolling. Remember...she's at a dermatologists' office and has very specific areas that she wants "lifted". Obviously, you won't do something that extreme at home. Dermarolling from home doesn't involve major needles or blood. If someone tells you that you CAN use a huge needle at away. FAR away, because you will end up ruining your face!

Because the skin is damaged and then healing collagen is sent to your skin to heal it, dermarolling is ideal for acne scars and discoloration. Basically, you're replacing what's there with something better. I did notice an immediate difference in coloration! I was excited about that, as someone who has very mild scarring. I would love to see the results of someone who had heavy scarring!

Here is a breakdown of the problems and needle sizes you would need:

Sun Damaged or Aging Skin: 1.0-1.5
Loose Skin: 1.5
Fine Wrinkles 1.0-1.5
Individual Deep Wrinkles: Large, Single Use Needle
Absorption of Skincare Products: .3 on face .5 on body
Uneven Pigmentation or Acne Spots: .5-1.0 (DO NOT USE ON MOLES)

Another point that I should bring up is that dermarolling works on necks and bodies. I have seen, in my research, several women using it for their stretchmarks. It helps to make them not as deep and pigmented.

My experience with dermarolling was fantastic. I received the 1.0 size for review purposes, and with my research, I sadly saw that I can only use it once per month. I was addicted from the first time! The roller doesn't FEEL like needles. It's pokey, but I would never guess that it's puncturing the skin. The needles are very sharp, easy to clean, and painless. The handle is very high quality and durable, it is a hard plastic. I'm no scientist, but I would say that this plastic is non-porous so that it doesn't absorb bacteria and dirt.

It was painless. However, when I finished rolling my skin (you roll all over with four to five strokes in each direction) and applied my Petunia Skincare Anti-Aging Serum, I felt a bit of a sting. My skin was pretty red, also, but it faded within an hour or so (so do it on a weekend!).

My skin was softer that it's ever been in my entire life!! And when the redness faded, my skin GLOWED! The anti-aging skin serum that I used with my dermaroller was the PERFECT cherry on top. My skin was soft before applying it...but! Even when I'm not dermarolling, the serum leaves my skin feeling refreshed (not greasy at all! A concern of mine because I have greasy skin), bright, and even.

In addition, I tried the eye serum. The aspect of this serum that impressed me the most was the lifting quality. The area around my eye felt hydrated and tighter. This helped with my BAGS! As someone who is very sensitive to scent, I appreciated that it was scentless. It's hard to use a product that goes on your face that has an irritating scent! The eye serum has a gel-like quality that makes it easy to control in application. It cools and soothes on contact.

Overall, I've been very impressed by Petunia Skincare's products. The packaging is very professional looking and the products are quality. I love the way my skin looks, and I feel that my treatment of my skin is on the mend! Who knows! I may get back to looking the way I SHOULD have if I hadn't abused my skin over the years!

Livewire Beauty Eyelash Curler Leaves Lashes...ELECTRIFIED!

Ok...we've all seen the horror story pictures of eyelash curlers with EYELASHES STUCK IN THEM! THAT was enough for my stomach to turn and for me to say NOPE to the concept of the eyelash curler. I can't tell you how many of these awful images I've seen. I considered putting one or two in this post...but I'm trying to turn you on to the idea of Livewire's Eyelash Curler...not completely put you off. Plus...the thought of looking at those images again makes me absolutely nauseatingly sick. So...we'll pass. You're welcome.

Needless to say, when my best friend Renea told me that I NEEDED a pair, I kind of fought it for a while. I wasn't interested in having my eyelashes ripped out in bulk by being stuck in a tool that I would most likely have to pull off of my face myself. logic was that if she had been using a 20 year old pair that had worked fine....and she said that Livewire's curlers were amazing...I'd trust her. Do you hear that Renea?!? I trust you with my eyelashes!!

I applied to test Livewire's pair, and was sent a promotion code for a free product in exchange for my honest opinion. it is! The fantastic thing about reviewing products is that, even if I don't like it, I can't be punished for giving a negative review. Luckily, I don't have to with this tool!

The very first thing I noticed was that the curlers fit comfortably in my hand. I have larger hands, and it's often hard to handle short handled brushes and other tools. Even with a squishy silicone-like (rubber?) cushion inside, my fingers fit the handles perfectly.

Then, moment of truth. You can bet I was nervous! After applying my mascara, I raised the eyelash curler to my lashes, squeezed gently, and let go. And guess what? I still had my eyelashes! Talk about relief! The movement and motion of the curler was extremely fluid and the rubber inside of the curler (where your lashes go) was very smooth. It didn't take a hard push to curl my lashes, and I liked that. It definitely makes me more comfortable in using it.

Overall, the design is sleek and the metal absolutely shines. It's a beautiful tool, and it yields fantastic results.
What's something that you've tried that you were afraid of? Did you end up with positive or negative results?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kitty Paradise in Toy Form!

Recently, I was selected to review a cat toy from the company Petoyo. I was EXTREMELY excited to try it out because we rescue, foster, and adopt out cats. We are always looking for suggestions to make to our new cat parents or "gifts" that we can include to see our babies on their way to their new home.

Now...keep in mind. I AM a crazy cat lady. When you read what unfolds in the following review, you may think that my cats never get toys. That is NOT the case! :) Every time I buy food, I pick up a few toys here and there. They typically range from little plastic bell-balls to crinkle toys to small teddy bears. Occasionally, I will pick up a larger, more interactive toy like the Petoyo Birds Flying Feather Cat Teaser. Well...needless to say, they typically prefer the small toys that they can carry around in their mouths over the "fishing" style toys.

From the minute the toy came out of the box, the cats were ALL over it. I'm not exaggerating. They played HARD! I figured that I could have a day or so to test it before I took my videos/pictures, but I was wrong. For 24 hours all 12 of them took their turns. Honestly, I'm amazed at the durability of the toy! They jumped, hunted, chased, and chewed on the feathers. Not ONE feather fell out, despite the toy being pulled in all directions and chewed on. I'm in total disbelief!

MOO, our Black and White Piebald, was the one who ended the joy (or began it in another way?) by chewing the string. Now, there's a clump of feathers with a small string attached that the cats STILL play with. Seriously?! Fun from the afterlife?? What an amazing value as far as cat toys go! All 14 of us have to say...this toy deserves a 5/5 paw prints! The quality is amazing, the feathers are durable, and they had SO MUCH FUN!

Definitely a MUST purchase for any cat lover or feline friend in your life! I would highly suggest this for cats who haven't gotten up and EXERCISED in some time! I guarantee that this toy will appeal to young and old and all personality types alike! Not only that, but it's a neat way to bond with your kitties! Be careful, though! Watch your hands! They will love it so much that they lose their little minds! 

Until next time, guys!

Monday, February 9, 2015

One for the Kitt-ays!

If you're familiar with Mc Chris or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you'll know EXACTLY how to say the title of my blog post!

Skottie loves her new Kitty Cat Arch!
Typically, I'm reaching for beauty products to review because my skin is HORRIBLE on more days than not. However, because of mine and my husband's rescue efforts, I've decided that another section of my blog will be pets! Yes..pets. Although it's not necessarily up the same alley as health and beauty, I decided to go for these kinds of reviews because of the work that my husband and I put in to rescuing, adopting, and rehabbing animals. Our current brood includes: 12 cats (I believe we only took three or four of these in of our own initiative...the rest were rescues), four dogs (taken by our initiative from some TERRIBLE conditions), a bearded dragon, a chameleon, a Russian tortoise, two hedgehogs, four pythons, a rat snake, and a sand boa. Whew!

Anyway...I really wanted to try a product that I could recommend to those who visit our kitty clan or even those who adopt from our selection of rescues in the future. So in return for being able to test this scratch post, I've promised to provide the link and my recommendation to new cat-parents! It's easy to do with such an awesome product, honestly!

I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I had high hopes that I would FINALLY get a quality scratcher for the cats. I've bought a few over the years from Wal-Mart and PetSmart and they ALWAYS fall apart after a while. If not that, they don't go together well in the first place!

The Davidson cats approve!
When the Kitty Cat Arch Self Groomer arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the box looked professional and was bright and eye-catching. Sometimes, with product reviews, the packaging isn't the best. Already, I liked it based on first appearance! When we opened the box, the pieces were easy to slide out and the scratcher was VERY easy to assemble. So far so good! BUT the real test came with one cat hesitantly approached the scratcher. Then another...then another. Soon, there were five cats clawing, scratching, rolling on, and trying to pull over the toy. And guess what? It survived! It didn't come undone and it didn't break! In fact, it has held up through daily use by all 12 of our cats! Another added bonus (besides the catnip you get with it!) is that the base of the toy is carpeted! My Sunshine LOVES sharpening her claws and NOW she has a place to do it BESIDES my couch!

Overall, I rate this toy at 5/5 for quality, affordability, and attractiveness to cats! It's very sturdy and much better than those other brands you find online and in stores!

Brushes, Brushes, and More Brushes!

I am a shameless makeup junkie. I'm not sure why, either. A girl can only wear so much makeup in her lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that my lifetime eyeshadow quota was met about five palettes ago. It wasn't long after I got my first palettes that I realized that the stuff wouldn't apply itself! Enter: brushes! I LOVE my brushes. I have a huge collection, but I've not been too happy with some of the brands I've tried. But...the hoarder in me says that I need to keep them because I may need them someday when my good brushes are too dirty to use.

Imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to review Petunia Skincare's set! I have used other Petunia products through reviews and I am in LOVE with their hyaluronic acid serum, so these brushes HAD to be good!

They shipped to me quickly and I TORE into the box in excitement! They were packaged tightly in a nice box. When I opened the box and pulled out the roll, each brush was already in place. Now, any veteran brush buyer knows that when buying brushes online, they're GOING to smell a little odd at first...ESPECIALLY if they are enclosed in a roll or a storage box or bag. These were no different. However, after being laid out to air out for a day or two, the brushes were fine. This bothers some people. Personally, I understand that SOMETHING (adhesive) has to keep the bristles in place. I'd rather have durable brushes that take a day to air out than brushes that fall apart but smell good immediately.