Friday, February 20, 2015

Buying Technoskin's 3DS Case Isn't A HARD Decision (but it IS Hard Enough to Protect your System!)!

Recently, I was selected to review Technoskin's 3DS case! I was REALLY excited, because my husband carries his system around in his pocket. There's a couple of things wrong with that: 1. It's getting scratched up. Whether he's got it out on the counter or it's rubbing against keys, etc. in his pocket, I've noticed that the system is looking rough. 2. It's much easier for something small to fall out of his pocket unnoticed than something bulkier and heavier. His workplace is completely carpet. He would never hear it if it fell out! 3. He had no way to keep our games organized, or even in one place! If I worried about the 3DS falling out, imagine my worry over the games!

 I would have been fine with a very, very basic, box-with-a-zipper style case. However, what I got was so much cooler! :) I didn't expect the exterior to be as hard as it is! That makes me think that it would be a good barrier against falls or pressure. It's not going to stand up to being ran over, but it's pretty durable feeling!

The zipper is high quality. It didn't lock up or get snagged or resist being zipped up at all. Typically, zippers and I don't get along. In fact, all of my coats have buttons! Haha! This zipper operates smoothly and didn't give us any trouble at all. Inside, on the interior wall of each side of the case, you find two mesh pockets. We assume that one is to hold the DS in place and the other is to hold accessories like a stylus or charger. In the middle, there is a flap that has slots for eight games. AWESOME! A way to keep these secure and from rolling around! This keeps you from having to collect them in your hand and go through them to find what you want.

The flap and interior are lined in a soft grey color and the flap is pretty plush! Finally, as mentioned before, the price, at $19.99 is better than you will find most cases at national chain stores! Buy your case here. Overall, I think this case is of great quality and will serve us well! :) I (we) highly suggest it!

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