Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pick Up the Scum You WANT to Pick Up!

Through my blog posts, I try to let a little of myself shine through. Whether it's jokes, perspective, or quick little facts about myself.'s a fact for you that deals directly with my title: I'm too nice to strangers. In fact, I'm amazed that I wasn't abducted multiple times as a child. I was that child that took candy from strangers...and that has transferred to me being adult and not knowing how to swat down advances from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, for me, even if a guy is scary looking, throwing the creeper vibe, and raising every red flag in me, I will STILL giggle awkwardly and carry on a conversation instead of shutting him down. I'm not sure why...I've always been this way. I can't tell anyone no! Thus, this product review is about picking up dirt that you want to pick up and not about accidentally picking up strangers that you desperately have to try to shake all evening!

Recently, I was sent a free promotional product: Day by Day Beauty's Facial Blotting Papers.

My initial thoughts was that these papers will last me a LONG time. Sheet-by-sheet comparison, you're getting 200 sheets for about $10. That's a fantastic deal when you compare them to other brands. 200 sheets is a LOT of blotting.

Next, I noticed the package. It is clean and easy to read/look at. It has a very simple design, which goes far. It is a very professional looking package.

When you open it up...SURPRISE! A cute little message! "Hello, Beautiful". How sweet! It's a pleasant touch. :)

Now...the moment of truth. I attempted to pull out a single sheet, but had difficulty. This is one of my few complaints about this product. An accordion-style dispenser would make it SO much easier to access the product. If I were in a hurry, I would be too frustrated to attempt to pull the sheets out with as much time as it took me to take ONE. If you decide to take multiple sheets in your hurry, you're wasting your product.

I think that the material is the reason for their sticking. They feel like the paper that you get with french fries in a basket. It's very hard to separate them. Now that I've made the connection, I'm almost 100% sure that it's the same paper. It makes sense...the purpose of that paper in food presentation is to absorb oil/keep it from leaking through the basket.

As far as oil absorption goes...I feel like I have to press too hard to my skin to get it to pick up. However, if I'm wearing foundation and powder, it doesn't bother me. If I'm going bare-skinned for the day, it would be a problem because I feel like I'm smashing the oil down into my pores more than I am having it absorbed by the paper (I'm very oily complected).

My conclusion: this product is fantastic if you don't plan to carry it with you. If you use blotting sheets once or twice a day in a no-rush setting, such as at your vanity, it's great. If you aren't very oily complected OR if you are and wear face makeups and powders, I highly suggest these papers. You won't find a better deal in quantity and price anywhere!

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