Monday, February 9, 2015

One for the Kitt-ays!

If you're familiar with Mc Chris or Aqua Teen Hunger Force, you'll know EXACTLY how to say the title of my blog post!

Skottie loves her new Kitty Cat Arch!
Typically, I'm reaching for beauty products to review because my skin is HORRIBLE on more days than not. However, because of mine and my husband's rescue efforts, I've decided that another section of my blog will be pets! Yes..pets. Although it's not necessarily up the same alley as health and beauty, I decided to go for these kinds of reviews because of the work that my husband and I put in to rescuing, adopting, and rehabbing animals. Our current brood includes: 12 cats (I believe we only took three or four of these in of our own initiative...the rest were rescues), four dogs (taken by our initiative from some TERRIBLE conditions), a bearded dragon, a chameleon, a Russian tortoise, two hedgehogs, four pythons, a rat snake, and a sand boa. Whew!

Anyway...I really wanted to try a product that I could recommend to those who visit our kitty clan or even those who adopt from our selection of rescues in the future. So in return for being able to test this scratch post, I've promised to provide the link and my recommendation to new cat-parents! It's easy to do with such an awesome product, honestly!

I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I had high hopes that I would FINALLY get a quality scratcher for the cats. I've bought a few over the years from Wal-Mart and PetSmart and they ALWAYS fall apart after a while. If not that, they don't go together well in the first place!

The Davidson cats approve!
When the Kitty Cat Arch Self Groomer arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the box looked professional and was bright and eye-catching. Sometimes, with product reviews, the packaging isn't the best. Already, I liked it based on first appearance! When we opened the box, the pieces were easy to slide out and the scratcher was VERY easy to assemble. So far so good! BUT the real test came with one cat hesitantly approached the scratcher. Then another...then another. Soon, there were five cats clawing, scratching, rolling on, and trying to pull over the toy. And guess what? It survived! It didn't come undone and it didn't break! In fact, it has held up through daily use by all 12 of our cats! Another added bonus (besides the catnip you get with it!) is that the base of the toy is carpeted! My Sunshine LOVES sharpening her claws and NOW she has a place to do it BESIDES my couch!

Overall, I rate this toy at 5/5 for quality, affordability, and attractiveness to cats! It's very sturdy and much better than those other brands you find online and in stores!

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