Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kitty Paradise in Toy Form!

Recently, I was selected to review a cat toy from the company Petoyo. I was EXTREMELY excited to try it out because we rescue, foster, and adopt out cats. We are always looking for suggestions to make to our new cat parents or "gifts" that we can include to see our babies on their way to their new home.

Now...keep in mind. I AM a crazy cat lady. When you read what unfolds in the following review, you may think that my cats never get toys. That is NOT the case! :) Every time I buy food, I pick up a few toys here and there. They typically range from little plastic bell-balls to crinkle toys to small teddy bears. Occasionally, I will pick up a larger, more interactive toy like the Petoyo Birds Flying Feather Cat Teaser. Well...needless to say, they typically prefer the small toys that they can carry around in their mouths over the "fishing" style toys.

From the minute the toy came out of the box, the cats were ALL over it. I'm not exaggerating. They played HARD! I figured that I could have a day or so to test it before I took my videos/pictures, but I was wrong. For 24 hours all 12 of them took their turns. Honestly, I'm amazed at the durability of the toy! They jumped, hunted, chased, and chewed on the feathers. Not ONE feather fell out, despite the toy being pulled in all directions and chewed on. I'm in total disbelief!

MOO, our Black and White Piebald, was the one who ended the joy (or began it in another way?) by chewing the string. Now, there's a clump of feathers with a small string attached that the cats STILL play with. Seriously?! Fun from the afterlife?? What an amazing value as far as cat toys go! All 14 of us have to say...this toy deserves a 5/5 paw prints! The quality is amazing, the feathers are durable, and they had SO MUCH FUN!

Definitely a MUST purchase for any cat lover or feline friend in your life! I would highly suggest this for cats who haven't gotten up and EXERCISED in some time! I guarantee that this toy will appeal to young and old and all personality types alike! Not only that, but it's a neat way to bond with your kitties! Be careful, though! Watch your hands! They will love it so much that they lose their little minds! 

Until next time, guys!

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