Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Powerful Trio for Skincare! + Dermarolling Facts

I'm pretty sure it's mandatory for me to start freaking out about my skin now. If I could, I would go back to my 12-22 year old self, slap her, and tell her that she's committing MURDER on her skin by sleeping in makeup!! If I hadn't done that for TEN YEARS, I can imagine how glowing, beautiful, and youthful my skin would look. Unfortunately, I was STUPID. YES, STUPID. If you're reading this, and you SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP...STOP! Stop being STUPID!

Ok...rant over.

But's really bad for your skin and you shouldn't do it.

So where does one begin when wanting to undo the damage?

Through research, I've found a few solutions. One of them, dermarolling, sounds really crazy at first, but I SWEAR by it now that Petunia Skincare has provided me with a dermaroller to use for review purposes.

In my research, I found that there are several different options for someone looking to begin dermarolling. First, you have to consider your tool. The longer needles penetrate deeper and stimulate the skin on a deeper level. The shorter needles are for daily use (.25 length and below) and help your skincare products absorb better.

What does dermarolling do, though? The idea behind dermarolling is to damage your skin, but in a helpful way. The surgical needles on the head of the roller puncture the skin. This activates your body's need to heal, which sends healing collagen through all of the microchannels rather than scar-forming collagen (like you would expect for bigger wounds). New collagen and elastin forms. Why it works this way isn't 100% understood yet, but clinical studies show that firming fibers increase by at least 200% with regular use. These micro-punctures allow your product to go deeper under the skin, which allows them to be more effective in their results.'s important to remember that you are inflicting damage, on some level, to your skin. Obviously, this isn't an every day thing unless you have the proper sized needle. I wouldn't recommend it EVERY day, anyway, as it leaves you feeling a little sunburned.

There's a photo floating around the internet of Kim Kardashian with a bloody face after dermarolling. Remember...she's at a dermatologists' office and has very specific areas that she wants "lifted". Obviously, you won't do something that extreme at home. Dermarolling from home doesn't involve major needles or blood. If someone tells you that you CAN use a huge needle at away. FAR away, because you will end up ruining your face!

Because the skin is damaged and then healing collagen is sent to your skin to heal it, dermarolling is ideal for acne scars and discoloration. Basically, you're replacing what's there with something better. I did notice an immediate difference in coloration! I was excited about that, as someone who has very mild scarring. I would love to see the results of someone who had heavy scarring!

Here is a breakdown of the problems and needle sizes you would need:

Sun Damaged or Aging Skin: 1.0-1.5
Loose Skin: 1.5
Fine Wrinkles 1.0-1.5
Individual Deep Wrinkles: Large, Single Use Needle
Absorption of Skincare Products: .3 on face .5 on body
Uneven Pigmentation or Acne Spots: .5-1.0 (DO NOT USE ON MOLES)

Another point that I should bring up is that dermarolling works on necks and bodies. I have seen, in my research, several women using it for their stretchmarks. It helps to make them not as deep and pigmented.

My experience with dermarolling was fantastic. I received the 1.0 size for review purposes, and with my research, I sadly saw that I can only use it once per month. I was addicted from the first time! The roller doesn't FEEL like needles. It's pokey, but I would never guess that it's puncturing the skin. The needles are very sharp, easy to clean, and painless. The handle is very high quality and durable, it is a hard plastic. I'm no scientist, but I would say that this plastic is non-porous so that it doesn't absorb bacteria and dirt.

It was painless. However, when I finished rolling my skin (you roll all over with four to five strokes in each direction) and applied my Petunia Skincare Anti-Aging Serum, I felt a bit of a sting. My skin was pretty red, also, but it faded within an hour or so (so do it on a weekend!).

My skin was softer that it's ever been in my entire life!! And when the redness faded, my skin GLOWED! The anti-aging skin serum that I used with my dermaroller was the PERFECT cherry on top. My skin was soft before applying it...but! Even when I'm not dermarolling, the serum leaves my skin feeling refreshed (not greasy at all! A concern of mine because I have greasy skin), bright, and even.

In addition, I tried the eye serum. The aspect of this serum that impressed me the most was the lifting quality. The area around my eye felt hydrated and tighter. This helped with my BAGS! As someone who is very sensitive to scent, I appreciated that it was scentless. It's hard to use a product that goes on your face that has an irritating scent! The eye serum has a gel-like quality that makes it easy to control in application. It cools and soothes on contact.

Overall, I've been very impressed by Petunia Skincare's products. The packaging is very professional looking and the products are quality. I love the way my skin looks, and I feel that my treatment of my skin is on the mend! Who knows! I may get back to looking the way I SHOULD have if I hadn't abused my skin over the years!

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