Monday, February 9, 2015

Brushes, Brushes, and More Brushes!

I am a shameless makeup junkie. I'm not sure why, either. A girl can only wear so much makeup in her lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that my lifetime eyeshadow quota was met about five palettes ago. It wasn't long after I got my first palettes that I realized that the stuff wouldn't apply itself! Enter: brushes! I LOVE my brushes. I have a huge collection, but I've not been too happy with some of the brands I've tried. But...the hoarder in me says that I need to keep them because I may need them someday when my good brushes are too dirty to use.

Imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to review Petunia Skincare's set! I have used other Petunia products through reviews and I am in LOVE with their hyaluronic acid serum, so these brushes HAD to be good!

They shipped to me quickly and I TORE into the box in excitement! They were packaged tightly in a nice box. When I opened the box and pulled out the roll, each brush was already in place. Now, any veteran brush buyer knows that when buying brushes online, they're GOING to smell a little odd at first...ESPECIALLY if they are enclosed in a roll or a storage box or bag. These were no different. However, after being laid out to air out for a day or two, the brushes were fine. This bothers some people. Personally, I understand that SOMETHING (adhesive) has to keep the bristles in place. I'd rather have durable brushes that take a day to air out than brushes that fall apart but smell good immediately.

 The set came with a picture index of each brush, it's name, and it's use. I noticed that the names and uses for these brushes are a little different than other sets. For example, what was labeled as a foundation brush is a brush that I would actually use for blush. I suppose, however, that it's up to your interpretation! The brushes are very pretty and the handles are smooth and fit nicely in my hands. I love the color scheme, as well, because I don't have any brushes that are the same! They are a black matte handle with a pink metal top.

As far as the quality of the brushes go: There are a few that I ADORE. These are the eyeshadow brushes (very soft and fluffy), and, surprisingly, the foam eyeshadow applicator. Normally, I throw that one away, but this one feels like it is made from memory foam. The mascara-type brush for eyelashes is handy for brushing clumps out of mascara.The lip brush is one that I am head over HEELS for! It has a little metal lid that it slides into and clicks shut. That is genius!! Then your lipstick remnants don't get everywhere if you don't have time to wash it right away! It's also awesome for if you KNOW you'll need it again for the same color later in the day! There's no need to wash it for the sake of not making a mess!

Still in their plastic, when I had only used the foundation brush!
As far as the face brushes go, my honest opinion is that they are a little too soft for me. The bristles are made of a blend of synthetic, pony, and goat hairs (they are a cruelty-free, PETA member business!). It could be because I am used to firmer brushes, but I feel like my makeup is getting sucked up into the bristles and never coming out. My fan brush had a lot of odd hairs sticking out everywhere, and I found it almost impossible to use. That, however, could be a fluke or an accident.

Overall, I would give this set of brushes a 4 out of 5 rating. The eye brushes are totally worth the price of the set that you get, and it includes the AWESOME roll to store them in. And I'm serious guys...that LIP BRUSH is AMAZING!! You can buy your own set here.

Stock photo...what you see is what you get! They look as great in person!

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