Friday, July 17, 2015

Tools4Wisdom Planner Review!

I am NOT an organized person! I often forget that I have homework due, what exactly it is that is due, when I have events going on at doctor's appointments, etc. On top of that, there are things that I REALLY want to remember (like birthdays!) that are impossible for me to hold on to for more than a few moments!

When I was offered the opportunity to review Tools4Wisdom's Planner, I was VERY excited! I love testing products that can make a direct impact on my life! Especially when they make it BETTER!

I received a Zentangle-ish cover with a lot of different colors! The designs are very whimsical! The planner is spiral-bound, and the coil is made of solid (not hollow), durable plastic. The cover of the planner is laminated and there's no fear of tearing it! The cover pieces are thick, as well.

The very beginning of the planner features places for monthly and year goals. As you flip through the planner, it is divided up by month. The first section of each divider is a calendar overview. As you flip further, you see that the planner is broken into individual days (it tells the day of the week AND the date) and further into specific times. At the bottom of each day, the planner has spaces to prioritize your goals. There are places to log weekly goals and focus on why they are important. In the back is a section to write notes and ideas as well as journal entries.

This is the most comprehensive and well-build planner that I've ever used! It's great quality and it covers SO many bases that it's impossible to NOT be organized with it! If you're looking to get organized and what to do it in a stylish and practical way, look no further than Tools4Wisdom's planner, available on Amazon!

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