Friday, June 26, 2015

"Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Topper Review!

Hello, hello, everyone!!

Today I have a really cute product to review for you! I was recently selected to review the "Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Toppers!

These guys are very convenient for when you've started a bottle but don't have a way to keep it without finishing it! Putting the cork back in can be a pain (who wants pieces in there?!) and having to lay the bottle on it's side or even upside down can be a risk.

These Wine Toppers are fantastic! They're durable, thick, and flexible but they hold in the liquid without leaking a drop!

Let's not forget how adorable these are! The end of each topper has a pun-y saying! This adds a little character to your bottle along with security of knowing that your bottle won't spill!

I also noticed how fresh these toppers kept our wine tasting! It didn't have that horrible exposed-taste that wine gets after sitting out!

If you're looking for a clever, secure way to keep your wine in the bottle and fresh, look no further than "Top It Off" Eco-Friendly Wine Toppers on Amazon!

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