Saturday, June 20, 2015

Furzie Lint Remover Review!

I'm VERY hesitant of "As Seen On TV" products. My experience is that they're cheap, don't do what they say they do, and end up in a lot of frustration. When I was selected to review the Furzie, I wasn't sure what to think...but I DID know that I was FED up with trying to lint roll and Duck Tape my couch to get the fur off. We really didn't have company over because 13 cats equals a LOT of shedding, even with brushing!

I knew which couch I needed to use this on immediately, and as soon as it arrived, I ripped it from the box and set to brushing back in forth. To my total WORKS! I'm not just talking works with elbow grease...I'm talking WORKS with EASE! The hair clumped onto itself and fell off! It's...I'm weird for saying this...FUN! I LOVE seeing the difference between the un-brushed area and the area that I just cleaned! It's amazing the difference it makes!

I started using this on my furniture and soon wondered how it would work on clothes. It works on clothing, but I don't think it's nearly as effective as it is on furniture. If you've got something with a LOT of cat fur on it, it works amazingly. For the last little hairs left behind, I would suggest a sticky lint-roller. This brush will save us a LOT of money AND sanity in the long run and I'm SO happy that I have it! It's a MUST have for pet slaves. You won't be disappointed!

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