Friday, June 19, 2015

WC5P40W 5-Port USB High Speed Desktop Charger Review!

I've got a LOT of devices on my own...but then consider that my husband has his own as well and it's nearly impossible to find a place to charge up when batteries are low. And to take it a step further, it's pretty difficult to get the PRIME spot (for me it's by the bed!). When I was selected to review the  WC5P40W 5-Port USB High Speed Desktop Charger I was really excited because I knew that it would allow me to charge more devices in one place.

The USB slots are evenly spaced so that it's easy to find a place to plug up. The cords also don't get tangled up! I would expect that the box itself would get extremely hot from charging so many devices but it doesn't! There's a light on the top of the box that allows the user to see that the box is on and ready to use.

Something I didn't anticipate was how fast the box charged my devices! I'm not kidding when I say that charge time was cut in half! I'm amazed and extremely happy with this product. It's convenient, space-conserving, fast, and somehow prevents itself from overheating. I seriously need five of these for around the house!

If you're always dealing with the struggle of finding a place to plug up, too, you need one of these! You'll consider it one of your best investments ever (especially when you have all of your devices die at once)!

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