Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Party Night Anti-Hangover Supplement Review

Ok guys! Honesty time...I'm a lightweight. Like...seriously. I can't take more than a drink before I feel like I'm going to lose my lunch. It doesn't take much of anything to make me regret it the next day. That being said, I don't drink. At all. It's just not worth the headache of the next-day ordeal. And mixed drinks? Forget it. Anything above a girly drink or a fruity half-glass of wine leaves me spinning the next morning. When I was offered the opportunity to review PartyNight for free, I was excited to experiment and see what the results would be. The only thing I had to lose was being incredibly sick!

I wanted to look through the ingredients to make sure it wasn't anything too bizarre. I was happy to find that there were a lot of things I knew like Vitamins B and C, Milk Thistle extract (good for liver health), Vitamin B12, and Potassium. I decided to take the challenge. I took two capsules before I drank, had a couple of glasses of wine, and then took two capsules after I finished them. For the remainder of the night, I drank strictly water. I woke up later than usual the next day (due to staying up later than usual the night before) and was surprised to discover that I wasn't sick as a dog!!

I'm convinced that PartyNight really works and REALLY helps reduce, if not completely eliminate, hangovers! If you'd like a fun night followed by a pain-free day, get your bottle here!

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