Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Evergreen Nature, Hair Skin & Nails Supplement Feedback

Hello, again, everyone!! I've got another product review for you, but I first need to clarify something! Yes...I do a lot of positive product reviews. No...I'm not paid to give my good word. If ever the day comes that I get ahold of a truly terrible product, I WILL let the world know!

 The products that I "apply" to test are specific. I don't apply for anything and everything. I only apply to test products that I have a specific need for. If I have perfect skin, for example, I couldn't help a company by reviewing an acne product. It would do no good, because I couldn't give an accurate representation or impression on if the product actually works.

The products that I apply for benefit my life in some way or correct "problems" that I have. Another example: you've seen a lot of hair and skin products on my blog lately. I can honestly say that product reviewing has greatly improved how I take care of myself and these "problems" that I have. I've had issues with slow growing, breaking hair for as long as I can remember. Since I've started testing oils, masks, and conditioners, my hair has shown significant growth over a short amount of time. I'm VERY happy! So when I give a positive review, it's because I have tested and SEEN the product work.

Side effects may include actually being able to practice nail art because you know your nails won't snap off!
One of those products happens to be Evergreen Nature's Hair Skin & Nails supplement. From reading the ingredients, it's a whole lot of supplements that I have researched to be great for hair growth, rolled into one capsule. Biotin is the leading ingredient. I have taken Biotin on its own with moderate success, but the extra ingredients in this product seem to give it the "kick".

 I love the design of the bottle. It's beautifully illustrated and laid out. It's appealing to look at and it isn't written in broken English like some supplements I've been sent (let's be honest...that makes you nervous when you know you'll be putting it into your body!).

 The capsules are easy to swallow. They aren't "horse pills". THANK GOODNESS! I have a problem with swallowing pills and I've found that these go down easily. They don't stick, they don't explode half-way down. I won't say that my hair grew a foot over night. I'm saying that my nails are stronger than ever. They're growing faster and they don't break off. In the instance that I accidentally snap one off, it grows back to where it was within a week or so. My hair seems to be growing faster, and I'm very happy with the results!

Interested in trying it for yourself? Purchase here

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