Friday, January 16, 2015

Foxbrim 100% Pure Argan Oil Review!

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As some of you may know, from reading my previous posts, I used to be VERY mean to my hair! I would straighten it obsessively (multiple times a day) and I would straighten it while it was WET if I hadn't already spent literally 30 minutes under the "hi" setting of my blow-dryer! Over the years and years of damage, my hair had become brittle, dry, split, and in just all-around terrible condition! Pair that with the fact that I like dying my hair and pulling it up into a tight ponytail and you have a recipe for disaster!

What can you do once so much damage has been done? begin with: STOP THE HARMFUL TREATMENT! Blow your hair dry on "low", allow it to air dry, wear it down, deep condition after you've dyed, limit straightening to a couple of times per week. Furthermore, treat your hair NICELY! Stopping the damage is a BIG step...but to reverse it, you're going to have to ADD to it!

Enter Foxbrim's Argan Oil products.

Normally, I'm opposed to anything OIL going near me. I'm a naturally oily person. SOMETIMES I can go 24 full hours without feeling disgusting. Most of the time, though, my hair is oily enough that I need to wash it daily. My skin: WORSE. So ADDING oil to the equation was not something that I wanted to do. HOWEVER...having dry, broken, and straw-like hair fell even higher up on my list of "don't like"s.

Reluctantly, I decided to work the oil into my shampoo and wash clean. I blow-dryed my hair, and, to my total surprise, my hair was VERY soft and manageable! I didn't have split ends sticking out everywhere because, additionally, I used the oil to smooth down my flyaways! A TINY TINY drop went a long way in smoothing my hair.

I will say that...if I use this product, I CANNOT skip a day of washing my hair. While it does a LOT of good, it doesn't keep the oil at bay (of course...because it know...oil).

An added benefit that I noticed is that it makes my nails look hydrated, smooth, and clean. It softens cuticles as well.

Sometimes I review products and decide that they aren't to be a permanent part of my regimen. However, Foxbrim's Argan Oil Products are totally welcome because I can see the good that they've done for my hair. I don't want to make lofty claims, but my hair seems to be growing faster (BECAUSE it isn't breaking off...not because it is a hair growth stimulant).

You can buy this product here

Overall, I'm very impressed! What do you think? Have you used an Argan oil product before? 

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