Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Don't Sleep...So I Fake It.

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to test and review a product that I think anyone could use. There's a stigma that comes with skincare products: particularly anything firming, filling, or with the word "youth" in it. The idea is that if you use these products, you're admitting defeat with the enemy: aging. To me, it's not an issue of aging. It's WHEN it will happen. Now, I'm only 23, but I plan to stay this age for the next ten years or so, so I need to have proof to back it up. Skincare, to me, has become about preservation, being comfortable in my bare skin, and taking as best care of myself as I can. Not only is it good for my skin, but it's relaxing, too.

So upon being offered another product from InstaNatural (I love these guys, guys! Seriously!), I immediately said yes! Their products have been nothing but gentle on my sensitive skin and to find a brand like that is RARE! Typically, one product will work from a brand, and when I decide to branch out and try another...BAM! Allergic reaction.  

Another plus of the Youth Express Eye Serum? I. Don't. Sleep. I really don't. Some nights, I get 1.5 hours. Some nights I might get 5. It really depends. Sure, I feel really rested on 5, but it's only a fraction of the 8 hours suggested by doctors. Needless to say, I have BAGS. They are DARK. And therefore, the skin under my eyes isn't as firm or as youthful as it should be. See where the stigma needs to be thrown out the window? I'm not old by any means...but this product benefits me greatly!

A few of the other benefits, outside of being gentle: it doesn't have a harsh smell, it didn't hurt my eyes when I got it too close, the bottle is very aesthetically pleasing and the label is very well designed. The dispenser is very easy to use and the product doesn't just GUSH out like some that I have used. Also: a little goes a LONG way, so you know that your investment will last. :)

I need to point out: You won't see an immediate change. This product is great, but it's not an instant beauty spell in a bottle. You have to be patient, stick with it, and document where you've come from and where you are. I'm not sure if the results will "top off", but I will be sure to come back and update this post.

NOTE: I also plan to update with before and after photos, and my own image. If you are reading this, and there's a stock photo, I just haven't gotten that far yet! :)

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