Friday, January 16, 2015

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green...But It's SO Worth It!

Hello, hello, everyone! I'm baaaack! After a bout of being miserable and exhausted from some off bloodwork, I'm back to blogging and reviewing, so great things are to come!

 During this bout of exhaustion, I found that all I could do was the basics: sleep, move to couch, eat, shower, back to bed. Talk about miserable! I'm one who is gogogogogogoGO! Over time, my energy came back and one of the few days before it completely came back, I decided to have a spa day at home! Now, I had all of these reviews piling up on me, so I decided to pick a few products to test, and see how it went!

One of the products that I decided to work with was the Seaweed Kelp Mask by InstaNatural. If you've been reading long, you know that I LOVE this company. Not only do they have great customer service, but their products are extremely affordable and easily comparable in quality to products that I've used that are TWICE the cost!

 Would it be mean to do a side-by-side with one of those more expensive brands? I don't want to "slam" anyone, but InstaNatural products have really impressed me! To be honest, I wasn't expecting much because they are so affordable! Typically, you "get what you pay for" which equates to affordable=no quality. NOT HERE! Anyway...rant over.

 I had a few first impressions on this mask. Now...before some of these sound silly...let me disclaim: I've NEVER used a mask before. I've certainly never used an algae or kelp type mask before!

Upon opening the container, I notice that there is a LOT of product. This jar is seriously the size of my head, guys! It will last a LONG time! The smell is definitely plant-like...but I like it. I'm odd like that! I love the smell of earth when potting plants and this isn't any different. The smell isn't overbearing. I then mixed the suggested amount (1/4 cup) with my own concoction of ingredients. First: honey. I add it for its astringent properties. I then add a dash of lemon juice (fresh lemon...not packaged) for it's tonight qualities.

 At this point, the mask is a little thick, so I add a small amount of water and whip it to a smooth, fluid paste. At this point, it's not smelling so great. Then again, I HATE the smell of honey. I have extremely oily skin, so I opted to use a sensitive skin cleaner with a light exfoliate. My thought process is that this will help the mask to work more effectively. Then, it's go time. The mask applies smoothly and evenly. It is thick, which I love. I have used pre-packaged oatmeal and avocado masks before, and I felt like there wasn't enough to cover my entire face effectively.

This mask covered THICK, and I had a LOT left over (so I'll make a much smaller batch next time). The smell bothered me a little, but in the future, it will definitely be bearable for the benefits! I allowed the mask to dry completely and washed it off. It came off SUPER easily, and there was absolutely NO residue. My skin was left soft and glowing. Another benefit that I noticed of this mask was that it seemed to pull the "nasty stuff" to the surface. This allowed me to use pore strips and an extractor much more easily!

 Overall, I really like this product! While it is too time consuming to do daily (or maybe it would be a daily thing if I pre-mixed the solution and saved it), it is definitely work using a couple of times per week!

Tonight, I will be uploading my photo of the product AND myself -gasp- in the mask!

 Have you ever used this type of mask? What were your results? What tips and hints do you have for me?

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