Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cellulite Be Gone! Body Merry's Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream

I've always, always, ALWAYS had a body image issue. I think the problem is deep-rooted in the fact that I was overweight as a kid, and my classmates let me know it. From the time I was in Elementary school, I've struggled with my weight, my skin, my hair, EVERYTHING! And when I say "struggle", I don't mean that I couldn't keep it under control. I mean that no matter how "pretty" whatever aspect was, I still lacked the self-confidence it took to realize that IT DIDN'T MATTER what people were constantly thinking of me.

Flash forward to my first day of college. One of the events on campus was to be a splash party and I knew this a month or so in advance. I. Was. Horrified. I was 17 going into a campus of hundreds of kids my own age and older. To go to this party, I'd have to wear a swimsuit bottom (you KNOW it was the short type!). I immediately ran out to get cellulite cream, as my sister had made a comment about it as I was swimming that summer (thanks, Hailey!). I could NOT let that happen again! I picked up the Equate Cellulite Lotion (Wal-Mart brand) and began using it. It didn't take long for my thighs and arms to start bruising. Yes, BRUISING! I'm not sure what it was in the formula, but my doctor said that the bruising would go away, but I had to STOP using the cream. It had thinned out my skin and veins. On the plus side, nobody saw my cellulite because they were too busy wondering if I'd tell them about Fight Club.

When asked to review a free sample of Body Merry's Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream, I had instant flashbacks to the bruising caused by the other cream I'd tried. I decided that it was worth a shot (I'm over the self-consciousness of cellulite...but wouldn't hurt to get rid of it!). I decided at the first sign of bruising, I would stop use, and compare the ingredients between the two formulas. Luckily, I never bruised! There are a few other good things about the product, though. For one, it's doesn't stink or smell chemical-y. The formula glides on, doesn't make a mess, and absorbs quickly. Body Merry's products always supply a generous amount, and this cream is no different. A little goes a LONG way for me, so I know this tub will last a long while. The lid is easy to get on and off (don't you hate it when a lid is cheaply made and it skips the track??) and the label is professionally designed. It's very eye-catching!

I know that a product like this will have to work over time, so I will write an update at a later date. For now, though, my skin is left feeling soft and smooth and firm. I'm seeing a gradual difference, but the most I've seen is in my arms. They are much firmer. Overall, I have to say it's a winner! I mean, I didn't bruise and my skin! ;)

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