Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Travel Pillow Provides Quality without INFLATION of Price!

Recently, I was given a free travel pillow to test out. I was anxious to see what it was like for two reasons, the main one being that my husband and I are on the road a lot for his band gigs. More often than not, we're at least four hours away from each show, and at least one of us has gotten little to no sleep (he works overnights). We'd talked about getting a few pillows and blankets for the car, but hadn't acted on it. The second reason I was immediately curious about this pillow was because in the past, I've had travel pillows that IRKED my NERVES! You know the type...usually made of a silky material, filled with little Styrofoam beads, and U-shaped. ANNOYING. And GOD FORBID any sharp dog toenails get near it! Seeing that this travel pillow was different peaked my attention, and I decided to see what it was about!

My first impression upon opening the package was "THIS is a travel pillow?? It's not going to be big enough for anything!". It was SO compact that the bag literally fit in my hand. ONE hand. I undid the drawstring on the bag, and, with a little difficulty, pulled the pillow out. My first impression was that it is made of a tough plastic or rubber. Additionally, the outer shell feels like velvet. My concern was that this material would be HOT after continuous use. But, I decided to inflate it immediately (it's like a balloon) and check it out. 

A bit of air went into the pillow when I twisted the valve on the side (it is durable, high quality plastic, and I didn't feel that it would break easily). Being the size that it is, I didn't expect it to take much air to inflate it. However, it took less than I thought. It inflated easily and inflated to a firm, almost bow tie-like shape. The edges look well-secured, and the seam goes deep. There is an elastic band that goes across one side of the pillow, that is for securing it in place around a seat headrest. This feature is very convenient. By adjusting how much you inflate the pillow, you can change the firmness. All of these features make it easy to use and comfortable.

The only negative thing that I have to say is that the velvet-like exterior grabs dirt/lint VERY easily. However, a quick roll-over with a lint roller is an easy fix.

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