Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chapstick + Smiley360 = Healthier Lips for Me!

One of my VERY FAVORITE ways to get free products to test and review is called Smiley360. Basically, you take surveys to see which samples you are best suited for, you are sent the product, and you review it and complete activities within a given time frame. The product that I am SO EXCITED to tell you guys about today is the ChapStick Hydration Lock Moisturize and Renew. The reason I'm so excited about this one is because I am a LIP STUFF JUNKIE! I can't get enough. The biggest reason is that I am VERY prone to dry lips. When this happens, a sneeze can send my lips to bleeding (from tearing). Not only that,but I can't SMILE! I LOVE smiling! I typically use a specific line of balms called EOS. I love the products and was pretty set on being exclusive with them. Then, Chapstik Hydration Lock Moisturize and Renew came along and it was love at first application! Here is a basic comparison between the Chapstik and EOS:

1. The Chapstik lasts much longer. I don't have to reapply after I eat or drink. Somehow, magically, it's still there. It doesn't come off from talking and going about your regular activities (talking, yawning because it's too early to be at work, drinking, etc.). This means less fishing through my purse to find it to reapply.

2. It's SMOOTH but not GREASY. I can tell that my skin is smoothed instantly. It feels thicker than the EOS, which might be why it stays on longer. I'm not saying that EOS is greasy at all...it's not. But to me, regular Chapstick feels that way. It makes my lips perfectly smooth and smiling/sneezing/yawning doesn't hurt one bit! I'm not afraid of tearing my lip. Seriously, guys! My lips without balm feels like individual snake scales. My lip feels like one smooth mass when I use this stuff!

3. Selection: I can choose one of two options in each tube! One end is moisturize and one is renew! I can pick whichever one I'm feeling. I'm boring, though, and I alternate. Booo.

There you go, guys! Three reasons why I LOVE the new Hydration Lock Chapstick. I could go on and on about how the price is reasonable and the ingredients are natural, but I'll stop here for now! Go check it out and tell me what you think!


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