Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Smiley360 + Dial Acne Control Face Wash SAVED MY FACE! :)

Hi, guys!

This summer I had a TERRIBLE time with my skin...and it's still recovering. I've spent too much money on products and treatments to clear my skin up, only to have it not work. Needless to say I had two emotions when I was selected to review this product: 1. Skeptical. I've tried literally ten or more products in three months to clear my skin. One of them ALMOST worked (as in it worked for two weeks or so...). 2. EXCITED! There was a slim chance this product might work. And if it didn't....it was FREE! It was a win-win! I patiently waited for this product to arrive, and soon, it did! I was shocked to see a full sized bottle of the wash, but hey...I'm not gonna complain! The bottle came with three sample packets of wash and coupons to share with friends.

As I mentioned, my skin was in horrible condition. I began drinking ONLY water back in the summer and I never ease into anything...I'm all in all at once obsessively. When you do that with water...they say your complexion improves and you glow. But what they don't tell you is that you have to get all of the TOXINS out that are making your skin dull and acne-ridden. And how does that happen? Yup. MORE acne. It truly gets worse before it gets better. After I'd given it a few weeks to flush, I still had a bit of problem skin. This is me...do I look happy? No. No I'm not. At all. My face hurts and I'm insecure. I'm pointing out that I'm not wearing makeup here. The reasoning is that I figured my skin needed time to heal. It might have worked. I'm really not sure. Anyway...

I got the face wash and IMMEDIATELY used it. When I say immediately, I mean I threw down the box, ran to the bathroom, popped the plastic wrap off of that sucker and rubbed it on my face like it was water from the fountain of youth. I NEEDED this, guys.  It might have been a mental thing, but my skin immediately felt better. And within two days I noticed that my tone was more even, the blemishes were disappearing, and I just LOOKED healthier. I'm really hoping that this doesn't become something that my skin "gets used to", because I really like it. I'm going to finish out this bottle and let you guys know how it goes. So far, amazing! And THANK YOU SMILEY360 for giving me the opportunity to try this product FREE OF CHARGE! It will (hopefully) become a permanent part of my routine!
I still have a few problem spots, but they're clearing up. I definitely would have KILLED for the skin I have NOW back in the summer. I know it's a healing process but I'm really excited at how fast it's working for me. I've tried high-dollar stuff like Proactive and had it fail. This is so easy to get! I can find it on the shelves of my local drugstore/mass retailer!

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