Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EcoTools Deep Cleansing Pure Complexion Facial Sponge: First Impressions Aren't Everything!

Thanks to PinchMe, I received my BEST YET freebie box! At first I was pretty bummed that I had only received one item: the EcoTools Deep Cleansing Pure Complexion Facial Sponge. When it arrived, I ripped it open and was pretty disappointed to feel that it was HARD as a rock.

"There's NO way I'm using this thing on my face", I thought. 

But then...I saw that it supposedly got softer when wet. What the heck? It was worth a shot.

I initially used this sponge in the shower, and had NO hopes for it. However, once I got the sponge wet, it almost melted in my hands. It's really squishy and almost slimy feeling. But in an AWESOME way!! 

Here comes the part where I fangirl.

What makes this product SO amazing is:

1. It's soft. It doesn't scratch your face up like you'd expect. It literally looks like a lava rock when you open it.
2. The shape. The shape of this sponge is genius! It's rounded for an easy grip, has a pointed "top" to get in spaces beside your nose, under your jaw, etc. The flat bottom side is broad and allows for quick, thorough coverage.
3. LATHER! I KNOW that my bottle of face wash will last FOREVER with this sponge. Just a TINY amount of face wash goes a REALLY long way with this sponge. Imagine my surprise the first time I used it and used a FULL PUMP of facewash. Now, I barely press down on the pump and it's PLENTY. You're going to be saving money on face wash because you're wasting less!
4. I LOVE how my face feels after I use this sponge. Compared to just using my hands to wash my face...my face feels MUCH cleaner and ZERO percent oily! I almost cringe to think about using just my hands again! The level of clean that this sponge provides is phenomenal. For me, this is a NEED IT product that's right up there with toilet paper.


You can purchase this sponge for yourself here. With a price like that, you can't beat it! ESPECIALLY once you feel how CLEAN your face is gonna be!! 


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