Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Yumi Beautiful Signature Antioxidant Skin Care Serum Review!

To begin: first impressions. When I opened my package (which was shipped super quickly, by the way!), I noticed a VERY professional looking box. There are no home-printed inkjet labels here. The design of the box was beautiful. The box is simple, but very bold in it's simplicity. The letters are spaced nicely and the consumer can tell that someone with graphic design experience put the box design together. The ingredients and instructions are very easy to understand and read. One of my main concerns on the first serum I tested was that the label was unclear and written in broken English. Immediate relief!

As I've mentioned before, freebie hunting and free sample websites were my gateway into product reviewing. I spent HOURS looking for free, small, samples and coupons. Then, I stumbled upon a product review group and said "see ya" to free samples. After all...who would waste time with that when you can review FULL SIZED products? Through a Facebook group, I received a face serum. The serum did the WONDERFUL job of clearing up my skin...but it had a lot of drawbacks that I happily ignored with the results it brought.

When asked to review another Vitamin C serum, I had to consider a few things: what made this product different than the last serum I had reviewed? Did it seem better? Worse? Was it something that I could tell my friends about and stand behind? How were the ingredients different? What about the company that backed it? Packaging?

Clearly I had a lot of research ahead of me.

I won't bore you with all of the specifics on one serum vs. the other. But I WILL tell you what I liked about the Yumi Beautiful Antioxidant Serum.

Ingredients: The #1 listed ingredient is Aloe. Typically, the first listed ingredient is the main component of the product. I'm glad that it's something natural and not something I can't pronounce!

Upon opening the box, the bottle is beautiful! :) It looks just as fantastic as the box does! The print and label are very clear and professional looking. The directions are printed on the bottle as well as the box, so you don't have to keep the box around to reference it!

The serum comes in a pump-type dispenser. This is so much more handy than a pipet because you can control how much comes out! The lid is clear with a silver edge on the bottom. It's a nice touch, design-wise, in my opinion (can you tell I'm an art teacher?).

Now: the dreaded part: actually trying the product. The last serum I tested smelled DISGUSTING! Think rotten oranges. I expect a Vitamin C serum to smell like citrus, but this one was terrible. The first thing I did after pumping the product out was to smell it. NO SCENT! This is especially helpful to those of you sensitive to perfumes! Hooray!

The consistency is a lot more watery than the thick, syrupy serum I used before. However, I realized that this is FANTASTIC when it comes to absorption. It glides on easily, and absorbs SUPER quickly. I had to wait about an hour for the other serum to absorb. This one takes a matter of a minute or two. With the other serum, my face felt extremely sticky. With the Yumi Beautiful serum, I cannot believe how soft my skin is after I use it! And the benefits go beyond that! My makeup goes on SO much more smoothly now! It's as good as a primer! AND you're treating your skin to Vitamins, Antioxidants, and other good things!

A final observation is that this product doesn't sting when I put it on. I feel no discomfort whatsoever, and I can see the benefits. It has been less than a week, but my discoloration and irritation has subsided and my blemishes are healing. My problem dry skin is correcting itself, and I'm an extremely happy "customer"!

Thank you, Yumi Beautiful!

What do you think? If offered the opportunity to win this product, would you participate?

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