Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clearview's Headlamp Shines Light on Awesome Opportunity!

Property of Ashleigh Mayes-Davidson 2015
If you're even remotely familiar with my personality, you're not surprised to hear that I'm a little extreme. I always "go big or go home" in everything: my art, my written papers, my love of animals...everything! When I picked up film photography about six months ago, I decided that urban exploring was something that I wanted to get into since the grain and contrast of black and white film lent itself so well to the subject matter. After a few times of exploring with no preparation, I decided that I needed to gather a few items to make the exploration easier (and safer). When I was offered the opportunity to review Clearview's Headlamp, I was super excited! I've always wanted to use this type of light, and now, I could have a practical use for it! Sure it's cool on its own...but when you can use it actively, it take on a whole new light...(get it??)!

The very first thing that I noticed about the headlamp was that the light is small. However, after turning it on, I realized that the size is deceiving. This light can shine BRIGHT! The LED aspect of this lamp is AWESOME because it's a huge amount of light in a small, compact, lightweight source.

The next observation that I made was that the band is elastic AND adjustable with a buckle so literally ANYONE can fit it! The material is lightweight, soft, and breathable while holding the light firmly in place. I didn't experience any slipping or falling or pain in using the headlamp.

The bonus light that goes on the back is fantastic, too! I don't use mine on the back personally. I use it as a hand light and I think it works marvelously! It's just as bright as the headlamp and is very easy to hold.

Overall, the entire lamp is very easy to assemble and wear. It's very handy for when you're exploring dark buildings and other places because of it's awesome range and shine power! I'd highly suggest it if you're looking for a quality item at a great price!

Comment below for your chance to win your own Clearview Headlamp Set! What would you use this awesome tool for??

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