Friday, May 29, 2015

HomeEco Plant-A-Bottle Review!

When a wonderful lady who works with me gave me a piece of a Wandering Jew, I didn't think it would survive. I literally threw it in a cup of water and waited for it to die. It's not that I didn't like's just that I'm horrible with plants. Animals...I can do. Plants...for some reason...I have a black thumb.

To my extreme surprise, the plant not only lived, but THRIVED! Since it had made it through my harsh treatment of sometimes forgetting to add water to the cup, I figured it could stick around. BUT I felt the pressure of getting it to live and taking care of it! I knew that I would have to be SUPER nice to it to get it to live.

Around the same time, I saw a promotion come up for HomeEco's Plant-A-Bottle. I was interested because it could very well make my plant experience easier. Soon, I had my own set of four of the stakes, free to review.

The first thing that I noticed about the stakes is that they're made of bisque-fired clay. This is very smart. Bisque-fired clay is very porous and therefore, would allow the moisture to pull through it. However, I needed to see it to believe it.

The purpose of the Plant-A-Bottle is to turn any bottle into a large water supply that will deplete as the plant needs it. However, because I have cats, I won't use this with a bottle. They'll knock it over, water and dirt will go everywhere, and I'll swear that they're all going to the pound (even though that never matter how much they hurt me or ruin my things). It's not worth the potential mess. So...I've decided to use them by filling the reservoir with water, and leaving it at that. You can use it either way!

As the dirt dries, it pulls the water through the fired clay-body and to the plant roots, as it needs it. I saw it in action, and can say that the water DOES soak through. Because the process is so slow, you don't have to worry about your plant drowning. You also don't have to worry about missing a day of watering. If you decide to water, the dirt becomes moist and additional water isn't pulled out of the stake. It's literally a supply-and-demand system!

 They're also very durable. I've dropped one and it didn't even come close to breaking!

I really love these stakes! I can't wait to get more plants so that I can use them all!

If you're looking for an eco-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free way to water your plants, I would highly suggest Home Eco's Plant-A-Bottle system! See my video review below and get your set here!

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