Friday, May 22, 2015

Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale Review!

Before getting married, Gage and I were holding off on investing in our kitchen utensils and devices until we saw what we would be getting. Now that we've used everything and have an idea of what we want to do, we're slowly getting additional things to help with our cooking. The biggest pain in the butt has been trying to keep up with measuring cups. However, when I was selected to review Smart Weigh's kitchen scale, I had no idea that this free product review would be so convenient! I expected that I would be able to weigh in ounces and I also expected to be able to track my hedgehog's weights, but I didn't expect the scale to be able to tell me how many cups of liquid I had just based on weight! It measures both milk AND water! I'm so stoked about this feature! It's the thing that REALLY made me fall in love with the scale! 

Besides measuring in so many different units, the scale is REALLY sharp looking! I expected nothing less after reviewing Smart Weigh's bathroom scale. Their designs are very futuristic, sleek, and modern. They're beautiful! The actual surface for weighing is thick, crystal-clear glass and the base is silver colored. The LED display is sharp and bright, and I have no issues reading it. The buttons operate smoothly and there's no doubt about what setting you're on. It's very easy to operate and understand. 

I keep my scale beside the kitchen sink, so I know it's been exposed to moisture. I won't say you should dunk it in the sink...but it's holding up fine in the splash zone/high humidity of the sink area. 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this kitchen scale if you're looking for a new one or even looking for a device that does it all! It fits with nearly any kitchen decor, and is sure to last for years! 

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