Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Selfie Stick Makes Selfies Easy!

For some reason, I'm extremely late to the selfie stick party! I've heard of them, but I honestly had no idea how they work or how to use them! I could see the convenience, and, as a daily selfie-taker, I could definitely use one! My biggest issue is trying to get my entire outfits in my photos, but not having long enough arms. :P When asked if I would review a free sample product of Francois et Mimi's Selfie Stick, I had to try it!

Here's a photo of what the selfie stick looks like. I'm having issues getting my phone to upload my photos of the product AND that I've taken, so this will help you visualize for now! The stick is very easy to assemble, with different heads for different sizes of phones and GoPros/any camera with a tripod mount on the bottom.

The things that I like about this selfie stick are that it extends to be VERY long. In fact, it extends to be 39"! That's a far reach! The collapsing is very smooth and easy, but sturdy enough that it doesn't slide back in when you're trying to take your picture. The handle is a rubberized grip that doesn't slip around. It's got a texture to it, so you're not going to drop it easily. I did have to adjust my handle a little, because the button icon wasn't lined up exactly over the button. Easy fix, not a big deal, but I wanted to mention it to anyone who might have the same problem and think it's broken! Once I got the alignment right, It took pictures perfectly every time! There's no delay in the shutter, either, so you don't end up with blurry pictures.

The attachments that allow you to attach your phone are lined with a rubbery foam. This allows it to grip your phone more accurately, which keeps it from falling out and hitting the floor! There is a screw on the side of the head of the stick so that you can tilt your phone or camera forwards or backwards. Attention has been paid to every detail and adjustment that you could ever want! I really enjoy using my selfie stick and at a price tag of under $10, I highly suggest you get one too! Find yours here!

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