Friday, May 15, 2015

Retseliney Natural Skincare Products!

Hello, hello, again, everyone!!

I'm getting ready for bed after a LONNNNG week from HELL. I'm not kidding when I say this. I had to get a sub at one point this week to take care of some personal business, and SEVERAL of my kids got detention. ONE even got sent to the office for a PADDLING! WHAT?! They're never THIS badly behaved, but something is in the end-of-the-school-year air that has them acting CRAZY!

So basically, TGIF. I need this weekend to recharge for next week.

Today I felt so dragged down and exhausted that I couldn't wait to get home. When I got home, I realized that I couldn't truly rest because I felt so disgusting. Today it was sunny, about 80* or more, and RAINING. Downpouring, to be exact. So my and gross. I hate the feeling.

As someone with super oily skin, I felt disgusting all day.

A student came up to me today and say "Oh my God, Miss Mayes. You look super sick.". Thanks, kid. I just didn't wear foundation due to my oily skin and the humidity. Way to make me feel good about myself. ;) Oh well, I wasn't upset!

So when I got home, took care of business, and turned into a vegetable for a bit, I decided it was time for a shower. I can't explain the good a shower does me. Seriously. I feel like a new person when I get out!

This shower was especially awesome because of a couple of Retseliney products that I got to try out for free! One is the Advanced Exfoliant Cream and the other is the Potent Antioxidant Mask.

The Exfoliant Cream is my FAVORITE. I've had issues with cystic acne, and it's erased it. Seriously. No more nasty under-the-skin bumps for me! On top of that, it's getting rid of all of the dirt and oil that build up by polishing it away (it has a fine, fine grit without using those awful plastic beads!). My oily skin has been far less oily after I use the cream, and that is giving me more even makeup application and healthier skin! I love this stuff! A little goes a long way so this jar will last forever!! It's not too rough on my sensitive skin, either!

The Antioxidant Mask is great too! It leaves my skin glowing and hydrated (but not oily). It's great for dry patches that have been polished away by the Exfoliant Cream. The label warns that it may tingle. I have super super sensitive skin so I won't was intense...but it didn't hurt and it wasn't unbearable. The mask goes on evenly and smoothly and comes off easily.

Overall, I really loved these products! They've helped my skin drastically!

Check out my video review!

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