Friday, May 15, 2015

Knight Visor Driving Glasses Review

Sometimes I see something that I'm DYING to try, but I'm hesitant to jump because I'm not sure if the product will work as awesomely as it looks. Sometimes, companies can make their product look insanely cool, but when push comes to shove, there's really not a whole lot to set it apart. I've never used night vision glasses before, but I do know one thing: I hate driving at night, I'm not that great at it, and it makes me nervous. I really had nothing to lose when I had the opportunity to try the product for free.

Here's the promotional image: It's really awesome. You can probably see why I was hesitant. There's nothing wrong with having awesome promotional material, but typically companies that put a lot of effort into having extra cool ads are trying to compensate.

I can honestly say that Knight Visor glasses don't fall into that category. I started using these glasses about an hour before sunset. Even in the daylight, they made everything sharper and clearer and eliminated glare. They worked so well that I wasn't sure how they would work in opposite (dark) lighting. As the sun went down, the light levels and the way the road looked kept changing, and the Knight Visor glasses kept up. There was no point where I thought "Nah. The road looks better without them.". The trip I took was three hours one way, and I kept them on the entire time. In fact, when I stopped for gas, I didn't realize for a long while after I left the station that I didn't have my headlights on. They make things THAT much easier to see.

I should also point out that I have bulky, thick-framed glasses. They fit perfectly on top of these. My husband also used the glasses for driving, reported similar results, but he DOESN'T have glasses and they fit him perfectly too.

The clip that comes with the glasses is very convenient for keeping up with them and fits perfectly on my visor without damaging it or pinching it too tightly. The case that the glasses come in is amazing quality! The zipper moves smoothly and effortlessly and the case is covered in a fine mesh. It's easy to keep track of and there's plenty of room in the hard case for everything.

They're lightweight, so you barely notice they're there. The nose and ears are comfortable. The ear pieces are lined with a rubbery grip and the nose is lined in a type of plastic foam.

Overall, I'm rating this product five stars because it really works! I won't be driving without these guys ever again!

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