Friday, May 15, 2015

Le Bleu Bean Espresso Cup Review!

I've recently been introduced to the concept of Espresso. For some reason, I assumed that it was just like any other coffee. There are little pods that you can get for the Keurig to make specifically Espresso, but now that I've received my first Espresso cup, I realize that the Keurig verion is 1. probably weaker and 2. actually closer to a double drink that a single.

When I received Le Bleu Bean's Stacking Espresso cup, I was immedately confused due to how small it is. I assumed that it would be the same size as a regular coffee mug. However, It's not. It's very small, due to the potent nature of Espresso. Laugh at me for not knowing this naturally if you want, but hey, I'm all the wiser and more cultured now. ;)

Le Bleu Bean's espresso cup is very cute! It's small, it's convenient, and it's quality. Let me explain: the convenience comes in the concept of stacking mugs. The top of the box that houses the mug looks like a Lego. This allows for other units to stack right on top of each other. All you have to do is wash and dry your mug and you've automatically got a place for it to go. It makes for a really cool, modern looking display next to your Espresso maker.

Quality comes in in the construction of the unit and the construction of the mug. Both are very well-built. The mug itself is heavy with thick walls and a thick handle. The plastic unit isn't flimsy and has no sharp edges or corners. The cup fits perfectly inside without much wiggle room, yet it is very easy to slide out. I can't comment on the units connecting, as I was only sent one free product sample.

Overall, I really like this little guy! I'm not sure that I'll end up with a whole collection of the, but this unit is great quality and convenient. I would definitely look into getting more if I were big into Espresso and had people over for coffee.

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