Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exinoz USA's Short USB Cable Review

At my house, there's never a charger to be found. We've got a TON of them, but it seems like we always lose them or misplace them until we don't need them. I'm pretty sure we're micro-usb cord hoarders at this point! I was offered the opportunity to receive Exinoz USA's charging cable in exchange for my honest opinion, and I jumped on it! The more the merrier!

When I received my charging cable, I first noticed that it is, in fact, very short. I wouldn't put it over four inches, if that. However, it is VERY sturdy. It's not flimsy and I don't feel like it will wear out any time soon. The USB part fits very snugly into my computer/battery bar (I use it primarily for that, because it's short) and the micro end goes into my phone smoothly and without issues.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this USB cable, especially if you're a battery bar user and are tired of having short cables wear out after a month or two!

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