Monday, April 20, 2015

Book Review: The Perfect World by Katalina Gerard

In our world today, we encourage our children to be individuals, embrace their differences, chase their own paths, and explore the world around them. When these freedoms are stripped away, revolution, anarchy, and protest occurs. For the most part, we encourage all of these things because they lead to new discoveries.

However, imagine that your great, great, great grandchildren are born into an opposite world where even their names and occupations and interactions are determined by someone else. Imagine, further, that this distant relative of yours is insatiably curious and desires to know everything about the world around him. Would this be acceptable if it made the world a "perfect" place?

The main character, Cyrus, is in this situation, down to being insanely curious. I feel his pain as he's forced to live in this world, and I feel the triumph and challenges that come with escaping this prison. The book forces the reader to endure several emotional ups and downs and the ending leaves one wanting MORE! I'm really hoping that the author is working diligently on this series, because it has serious classic and movie potential!

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