Monday, April 27, 2015

Cute and Cuddly Pet Supplies' Enzymatic Cleaner Review!

As someone who shares a home with twelve cats, four dogs, and various other animal friends, it's easy to have pet odors. It isn't easy, however, to fight them. Recently I was offered the opportunity to review a product to help with this! I was kind of hesitant about fully trusting a product to take care of the problem, but when offered the free sample, I said "why not"?

The first thing I noticed about the product is that the bottle is really big! You're definitely going to get your money's worth! The squeeze spray pump is very easy to use, operates smoothly, and doesn't jam up. The cleaner is pulled up through the plastic straw quickly and easily with very few, if any, air bubbles.

As for the cleaner itself, it is fantastic! I've noticed after using it, pet odors are gone. This is really hard with urine, but it is effective with making the house and floors smell fresher and making the ammonia smell disappear. Typically, cleaners like this are very harsh and chemical-y, and you're not really sure if they're safe to use around pets. Cute and Cuddly Pets Supplies' cleaner is all natural and toxin free. It is child, pet, and Earth friendly because it is enzyme based and not chemical based.

If you're looking for an effective way to get rid of pet odors, I'd highly suggest Cute and Cuddly Pets Supplies' Enzymatic cleaner!

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