Monday, April 27, 2015

Chromo Apple Lightening Charger Review!

Any time that I can review a product that compliments something I already have, I go for it! I've tested phone cases, craft supplies, etc. and it's always good for me because it typically helps me to more efficiently use what I already have! That's exactly what happened when I decided to review a free product sample of Chromo's Apple Lightening Charger. My iPad seems to ALWAYS be dead, and the charger that came with it stopped being effective long ago. I was excited about trying a new charger because it HAD to be better than what I already had!

When the charger arrived, the first thing I noticed was how compact it rolled up to be. The second thing was that the cord was flat. I wasn't sure about this, but I actually like it. I feel like the cord is much more sturdy and less likely to be bent and break internally.

The most impressive thing about this charger, though, was the fact that as soon as I plug my iPad in, it immediately turns on, even if it's completely dead. The speed that the tablet charges at is insane! I've never used a charger that charges more quickly!

If you're looking for a super high quality alternative to cheaply made Apple chargers, I would highly suggest Chromo's!

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