Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making Weighing In Fun: Smart Weigh Memory Scale Review!

Let's face it: nobody likes to weigh in. Usually, when you're using one, you're looking for a change. Whether it's gaining weight or losing weight, you're typically not happy with how you are. This gives the scale a negative image. When I received my free product to test, I didn't know how I felt about it. However, when I pulled it out of the box and saw that it was absolutely GORGEOUS, I couldn't wait to have it on display in our bathroom. As silly as that sounds, this scale is truly sophisticated and artistic looking. I couldn't wait to give it a try, despite not quite being happy with my appearance.

When I stepped onto the glass surface (THAT made me nervous but after a few one-footed steps, I gained the courage to trust it), I realized that it would easily hold my weight. The glass surface is smooth and thick, so it's not going to break. The details of the surface are done in mirror glass. It looks fantastic because it will reflect whatever decor is around it.

The digital readout of the scale lit up and displayed my weight very quickly. It's a blue LED color that glows very brightly. It wasn't until I had my husband step on the scale that I realized that the scale stored memories of weights and their changes. A number "02" appeared next to his weight. When he stepped off, I stepped back on and immediately, "01" appeared along with my current weight. The next day, when I weighed in, I had gone down in weight. My weight appeared on the screen, and the difference between my weight the day before and the current day appeared at the bottom next to the "01". So the scale remembered my weight AND told me the difference. I could tell this by looking instantly because the display turned green. The next day, I had gained weight and the scale told me how much. I knew that I had gained instantly because the display turned red.

I LOVE this scale. It's ease of use is unparalleled in that it does all of the math for you, and can do the same thing for multiple people. With its sleek design and sturdy, quality construction, I would highly suggest it to anyone!

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