Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Essential Oils: What ARE They and What Do They Do?

Something that I've always to try, but haven't really taken the time to research is essential oils. I've heard so many people sing their praises, and my curiosity was peaked. When InstaNaturals (one of my FAVORITE beauty brands) asked me to review their essential oils pair in exchange for a review, I happily agreed! This was a great opportunity to "try it before I buy it", and I was totally game. The first thing I did was research the uses for each. I decided to pick a few uses each for the purpose of my reviews, and slowly, over time, add more uses to my list.

The first oil that I received is my absolute favorite: Lemon! I love how Lemon smells when I clean my house, so I hoped that this oil would have a strong scent. I wasn't disappointed! I read that Lemon essential oil is a good disinfectant, so I mixed it up with water in a spray bottle (it just took a few drops!) and went to town on the counters. It smells amazing, cuts grease, and best yet...if the cats are eating crumbs off of the counter or are laying on it and then groom themselves, I don't have to worry about them eating chemicals! Another use that I decided to try was odor elimination. I used a paper towel, in a small ceramic bowl, and placed it on the windowsill. The oils made the room smell AWESOME for quite a long time! Compared to the investment of gel air freshener cones, essential oils go a LONG way! You can also place a saturated cotton ball in your fridge to help with odors as well!

Next, I had the opportunity to try the Peppermint essential oil. I KNEW this one had arrived before I even opened the box. Instantly, the scent reached my nose. I liked it, but it became VERY strong when I opened the box and took off the plastic wrap. Once the bottle had had time to air out, it went back to "normal" (i.e.: not being able to smell it from three miles away). This oil, I use daily to help wake me up! I put a few drops in the bottom of the shower, and the hot water steams the shower up. It smells AWESOME and I wake up much faster! This may be because Peppermint helps to focus your mind and enhance memory. The scent of Peppermint also curbs appetite, so if you're tempted to snack excessively, this may be a good option! The scent of this oil is awesome! It's much stronger than Peppermint candy, but it also has a more natural, earthy smell that is less sugary.

Overall, I'm really impressed that these oils have so many uses. I'm also impressed with the quality of the bottle and dropper. I haven't had a single issue with it sealing or sucking up the oil like it's supposed to. I've dropped the bottles a few times on hardwood floor, and they've haven't broken, so I think it's safe to say that they're thick, quality glass. The bottles are HUGE, as well. One bottle is about the size of my palm, and I have large hands! You're definitely getting your money's worth with InstaNatural's essential oils, no matter what scent you select!

What oils do you use and what uses have you found for them?

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