Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Otis Approves! SafetyPup Vest!

Hey, guys!

I've got a review for a pretty awesome product for you, and you should stay tuned, ESPECIALLY if you love free stuff AND your pet!

I was given a FREE SafetyPup vest to review, and I was extremely excited because it's started to warm up, and I'll be taking Otis out more frequently. Otis has used his vest for going outside in the front yard, and since we're on the street and near a main highway, I've LOVED that we were selected to review it! It's honestly a relief knowing that there's an extra safety measure in Otis' potty breaks.

The SafetyPup vest is trimmed in reflective material, so when the light hits it in the dark, it shines silver. The same type of material is found on hunting vests (that could be a use for this vest, too!). Upon taking the vest out of the package, I thought it was a little stiff, but it quickly unfolded with a shake, and fit Otis' form when I put it on him. The most notable features would have to be the material, the design, the stitching, and the Velcro.

The material is thick and water-repellent. He's worn it into the rain (and gotten it really dirty) several times. I just slip it off and throw it into the washer and when it comes out, it looks brand new! The colors are bright, and they've yet to fade! I LOVE the little blue paw print on the side. It takes the vest from boring to adorable. The stitching doesn't look cheap, and it's very even and well-done. As I mentioned, I've washed it after several rough play sessions in the muddy yard, and it hasn't unraveled in the slightest. The same holds true for the Velcro: it doesn't look like it's aged a day, and it still holds as securely as it did when it was brand new.

Part of the reason I've held off on doing this review is that I really wanted to see what would happen to the vest after many washes. I'm so pleased to report that it has passed much better than I expected it to! If you've got working dogs, messy dogs, playful dogs, or even dogs that shed a lot, I'd highly suggest this vest not only for it's safety factor, but for the fact that it can be washed over and over with no negative consequences!

Otis actually loves wearing it, and doesn't take it off! We have a special "SafetyPup song" that I sing now, and he loves it. :) I will be posting a video soon of the reflective qualities!

What do you think? Are you interested in winning your OWN SafetyPup vest?

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