Monday, April 20, 2015

Warm and Cozy: Flannel Cotton Sheet Set

If there's one thing I love in the world more than my family, husband, animals, being a teacher, and film photography, it's sleep. It seems like I spend half of my time wishing that I was in bed, down in my blankets. About a year ago, I bought a set of AWESOME Egyptian Cotton sheets and I realized that blankets and sheets make a huge difference in how I sleep. I found it much easier to doze off and get comfortable and STAY asleep.

When I had the opportunity to try a new set of flannel sheets for free, I was PUMPED! I had a set from Wal-Mart when I was in college and I LOVED them to DEATH...literally. I threw them away when they got giant holes in them. I used them year-round, regardless of the temperature. I was excited to try another brand to see if the quality differed any.

When I received my complementary set from L&Z Inc., I immediately put them on the bed. The didn't exactly match my blue color scheme (they're tan), but MAN did they go on easily. I noticed that the sheets were thick, plush, and took on my body heat pretty quickly. The fitted sheet goes on amazingly without coming loose. 

Even my husband, who tends to get really hot at night, approved of the sheets! They feel fantastic, and are very thick and durable (we have washed them several times to ensure that we could accurately report their quality). 

The fold back easily and smooth down nicely. This is awesome considering that thicker sheets tend to wrinkle pretty badly! 

I slept like a baby on these super soft sheets and I LOVE them! I'll definitely be looking for another set to match our bedding!

Get your set here!

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