Monday, April 20, 2015

Can Any Other Set!: Bellemain Canning Tools

I'm always looking to learn something new. Whether it's an artform, a song, a method of teaching, or how to care for a new animal, I LOVE learning. When presented with the opportunity to review a canning set for free, I jumped at it! Canning is an awesome way to eat healthier (without all of the chemicals), set up a stock of surplus, and a skill that could provide useful should there ever be a food shortage know...the zombie apocalypse!

Canning isn't something that you learn to do flawlessly overnight, so I'll spare the details there! What I'll focus on is the quality of this canning tool set. When I first received the package, I noticed, from looking at the outside of the box, that the tools looked to be made of plastic. I didn't have terribly high hopes.

However, upon opening the box, I was surprised to see that only a few pieces were plastic based and those that were, were EXTREMELY well-made and sturdy. The funnel, bubble popper/measuring stick, and magnetic lid lifter are all plastic-based. The bubble popper is a bit flexible, but that's great because it allows for reaching harder places much easier.

The kit comes with a funnel, standard tongs, a lid remover wrench, a bubble popper measuring stick, a jar lifter, and the magnetic lid lifter.

Besides the pieces mentioned that are made of plastic, the rest are rubber-handled metal tools. The joints of these tools glide smoothly and the handles are very comfortable to hold. They have a fantastic weight in the hand are are super shiny and pretty. The metal places where the tool comes in contact with the jar features grooves, which help in gripping the parts of the jar.

Overall, I'd say that this canning set makes it very easy to learn the process of canning. Having a complete tool set with everything you could need is very essential to not getting frustrated and giving up! Highly suggested! Buy yours here!

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