Thursday, April 23, 2015

Doll Face Eyeshadow Brushes!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a few obsessions. One of those would be eyeshadow! I have TONS of palettes and there's no better way to apply them than with brushes. Since I've discovered brushes, I'll never go back to applying any makeup with anything else! When I had the opportunity to review a new set, I was all over it! The set first caught my attention because of how cute the brushes are! They have a matte black handle bottom and the top is hot pink metal. The logo for Doll Face is ADORABLE! The weight of the brushes is nice and they're the perfect length for all sizes of hands. I held them in different places, and they always worked awesomely!

In order to have the best review possible, I wanted to use the brushes for a few weeks and wash them a few times. Through various types of washes (with different scrubbing material and different soaps), I didn't lose a single bristle through the use, washing, drying, and reuse process. The bristles are extremely fluffy on the soft brushes, and just firm enough on them eyeliner and crease brushes. The set comes with two fluffy brushes, a shorter bristled brush, a stiffer, angled brush, and an eyeliner brush. 

You can get a close up view of the brushes in my video below! 

I highly suggest these brushes for beginners AND professionals. They're affordable, awesome quality, cute, and convenient for travel!

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