Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pure Silk Sleep Mask Review!

The only problem with being married to my husband is that we are on TOTALLY opposite schedule. Obviously, this isn't a dealbreaker or anything, but it CAN be inconvenient. He works nights, and I work days. When he comes home, he sometimes needs to get into the closet or look for something in the bedroom so the lights come on. When he's asleep (during the day), the blackest curtains don't block all of the light from our bedroom that is mostly windows. He has a hard time staying asleep, so when offered a free product sample that could help him, I accepted it!

The silk sleep mask that I received is much nicer than I expected! I was looking for it to be thin, nearly transparent (because that's the nature of silk), and to slide around a lot. Typically, when I see these masks, they are made of a polyester blend. Also, I wasn't sure if it would work for my husband because typically these masks are smaller (as the majority of consumers are women). However, when it arrived, I first noticed that it was VERY thick. There are multiple layers of silk, and possibly some filling. The mask isn't transparent at all. The elastic band is adjustable, which allows the mask to be fitted to the size of your head. The silk is nice and doesn't feel irritating on my skin. It blocks light very effectively, which is the main point that I examined. 

If you're looking for an awesome mask at an awesome price that is awesomely comfortable, I highly suggest this one! 

You can buy yours here

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